Dr Anand Kasturi, CEO and Consultant, Anand Kasturi Consulting

Dr Anand Kasturi, CEO and Consultant, Anand Kasturi Consulting

Dr. Anand Kasturi, CEO, and Consultant, Anand Kasturi Consulting

Anand Kasturi is a Consultant Trainer and Executive Coach working out of Bangalore, India. He is the CEO and Consultant at Anand Kasturi Consulting (www.anandkasturi.com).



The trend of coaching has increased significantly in recent years and so does their need. A coach helps individuals uncover their potential, climb up the career ladder and improve their life overall by asking the right questions. Be it a Career coach, an executive coach or a life coach, people are realizing the importance of hiring coaches and at the same time, people are showing interest in becoming a coach themselves to impact others’ lives positively. 

Well, today we have invited Anand Kasturi, an award-winning Consultant trainer and an Executive coach to share his insights with us. 

About Anand Kasturi

Anand is an Executive Coach and a consultant trainer with over 20 years of experience specialized in the area of customer Centricity. He is the CEO and Consultant of Anand Kasturi Consulting. 


What inspired you to become a coach? 

Anand Kasturi didn’t even know about Coaching until 2007 when Ganesh Chella approached him with the idea of being a coach. He invited him to join his coaching certification and although he was reluctant at first to say yes, ultimately he agreed to give it a shot.

How has coaching evolved from the traditional ways that make people pay for a coach?

Anand believes that the mindset of people regarding coaching has changed. earlier when someone wanted advice, they were advised from the problem fixing approach. Whereas, now, it’s more about exploring and reflecting on the solutions. Plus, people have also started accepting the help of a coach they can use to build a constructive future. 

The objective of Coaching is not to solve a problem but to realize their potential

How long should a coaching association be and how does a coachee evaluate a coach?

There’s no fixed duration of a coach with every client. Depending on the objectives, it varies. But Anand believes that there should be a balance in the duration. Meaning, neither should it be too long to make the coachee dependent on the coach nor too short, as it won’t help reach a reasonable closure. 

How are workplaces becoming ready for the Millenials and Gen Zs? 

There’s a huge need for human connection especially during these times when people are forced to socially distance themselves. The millenials and Gen zs do not have the right people when they need any suggestion and they hesitate to seek help from their boss or family members. It is for this reason that a coach with experience and wisdom is essential. “The sooner organizations provide formal mechanisms for individuals to be able to reach out to people to get developmental support, the better.” 

What are some of the areas where the younger generation needs coaching and how will it benefit them? 

There are three buckets of coaching- self-management, working with others and business effectiveness. The first area, understanding the self, and identifying what they want is an important area where coaching can help young people as their sense of self is very different from the older generation. Anand confirms that there are too many dilemmas this young generation is dealing with, with respect to relationships, family planning, career etc. and they need help to make decisions in these. Also, since the world now is so disconnected despite the overwhelming use of social media, there is some need to work in making and building meaningful relationships with people.


Anand Kasturi is a Consultant Trainer and Executive Coach working out of Bangalore, India. He is the CEO and Consultant at Anand Kasturi Consulting (www.anandkasturi.com). Anand has an undergraduate degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras [1984], an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore [1986]. Post-40, Anand completed his PhD in Business Studies from the University of Buckingham UK [2004], with specific focus on Service Management. His doctoral research spanned India and the UK and was related to the effectiveness of frontline service employees. After working with an international hotel chain [Taj Group of Hotels] from 1986 to 1991, Anand was head of the L&D function at a leading IT major [Wipro Corporation] when he left them in 1994. He has been on his own as a consultant trainer since then. As a consultant trainer Anand’s focus is on ‘Customer Centricity’ and ‘Services Management’. He has offered workshops across 14 countries ranging from Australia through all of Asia to Seychelles, Germany, the UK and USA. Anand has worked with a number of organisations – representing multiple industry sectors (Pharma, Technology, Hospitality, Banking/ Financial Services, Retail and IT). In 2007 he was awarded the Customer Service Guru award from Oracle for his contribution in helping them deliver excellent service to their customers. He combines corporate work with teaching; he taught at various IIMs between 1998 and 2019. In 2007, Anand was certified as an Executive Coach with the Coaching Foundation of India (www.cfi.co.in), and has completed more than 50 coaching engagements with senior and near-senior executives. In 2015 he launched an online 360o feedback platform (www.360changemagic.com). Anand was CFI’s Director of Coaching and Leadership Development practice between 2017 and 2020. His wife Poonam Bir Kasturi is an industrial designer who has been working with waste management (www.dailydump.org) – she has earlier started up IndusTree (a handicrafts/ retail business) and also was founding faculty at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology at Bangalore. They have one son – Raghuvir – who is working as a full-stack software engineer in New Zealand. Aug 2021

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