Dr. Nir Ben-Lavi, CEO and Co-Founder, Pangea Cup

Dr. Nir Ben-Lavi, CEO and Co-Founder, Pangea Cup

Nir Ben-Lavi is an accomplished Tech entrepreneur from Israel. He is a YPO member and CEO and Co-Founder, of the Pangea Cup. 



Have you ever wondered what is so attractive about the gaming world for brands? Well, the gaming audience is almost 3 Billion in size. That is a lot of people to get your message across to. And it is growing. Gaming, the biggest market, and entertainment industry is growing fast and there are millions of people around the world that are playing online. Over the last decade, the growth of online gaming has been one of the most remarkable stories in technology. Dr. Nir Ben-Lavi, CEO and Co-Founder, of Pangea Cup, joins us to discuss the future of the gaming industry.

About Nir Ben-Lavi

Nir Ben-Lavi is an accomplished Tech entrepreneur from Israel. He is a YPO member and CEO and Co-Founder, of the Pangea Cup. He is also the Managing Partner of AgroNation Investment House. Furthermore, he is the author of three books. You can connect with Nir Ben-Lavi on LinkedIn

About Pangea Cup

Pangea Cup is a global competition and a reality show designed to discover The Next Big Video Game. We created a prize package for the winners which will include cash, marketing, and distribution support for the game. It is a show where game developers from all over the world would compete to become the next Fortnite or League of Legends.

The world’s first interactive global competition to determine the best new video games — documenting the journeys, challenges, and victories of game developers on their quest to be crowned Pangea Cup Champions. Our Vision: Produce and broadcast an engaging and interactive global competition to determine the world’s best new video games (e.g., console, mobile, PC), filmed for distribution across multiple platforms worldwide

Meaning of Pangea

Pangea was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras. We use the term ‘Pangea’ because this name encapsulates a vision that is to help the world to become one again through passion and play.

The motivation behind starting Pangea Cup

In Israel, everyone has to do the army. I was wounded during my service, which I managed to recover. I know everything about crutches, wheelchairs, and rehabilitation. During recovery in the hospital, I learned what it means to someone who becomes disabled. How it feels to be isolated and not be able to socialize planted the seed in me. Thirty years later, what you can do with technologies and how technologies can connect people became a strong motivator.

Challenges of the gaming industry

Building anything that scales from scratch is going to be a challenge. Pangea Cup is a new brand, so gaining the trust of the community is a challenge. We need to prove that we care and create a true opportunity for people who might not otherwise have a chance.

The loyal audience for Games

The gaming audience is almost 3 Billion in size. Loyalty is great for franchises. You have dedicated communities like the Fortnite community, which is close to 400 million gamers on Fortnite. But there’s also a large segment of gamers who are looking for new games, so our mission at Pangea Cup is to build loyalty.

About the Books

  1. Motives Reinvented: An Inventive Dispute Resolution Guide
  2. Empowering Meetings: A How-To Guide For Any Organization, wrote it with Shoham Adizes.


Connect with Dr. Nir Ben-Lavi: LinkedIn

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Nir Ben Lavi is an innovation evangelist and investor, CEO and co-founder of the Pangea Cup, the world’s first Indie video game global competition, providing passionate developers from all over the world, an exclusive opportunity to win a $1 million prize to produce the world’s next big video game.

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