Laura Perkes, Founder, PR with Perkes; PR Strategist and Brand Storyteller

Laura Perkes, Founder, PR with Perkes; PR Strategist and Brand Storyteller

  • Laura Perkes is the Founder of PR with Perkes.
  • She’s a PR Strategist and a Brand Storyteller.




Public relations (PR) is the set of techniques and strategies related to managing how information about an individual or company is disseminated to the public, and especially the media. Laura Perkes, Founder of PR with Perkes; PR Strategist and Brand Storyteller, talks to us about PR.

00:34- About Laura Perkes

  • Laura Perkes is the Founder of PR with Perkes.
  • She’s a PR Strategist and a Brand Storyteller.
  • B2C CEOs who are innovative and disruptive don’t follow the rules; they rewrite them, thriving on creativity and thinking outside the box.
  • Your mission and your purpose are strong drivers for the growth of your business, yet you’re not effectively utilizing the power of PR to share your message with a wider audience, to connect with and engage with your ideal customers and drive traffic to your website.

00:46- Work at PR with Perkes

  • I set up my own business in 2013,  I’ve been operating like a PR Agency.
  • We work with clients on the monthly retainer, we create a PR strategy for them, and then we implement.
  • Public relations often feel like it’s unachievable, and going to be a heavy investment from a financial perspective.

04:05- How is PR different from networking?

  • There are a lot of similarities because when we’re networking we are either in a room physically with other business owners or it’s online, and we’re all there to build relationships.
  • Public relation isn’t actually too dissimilar, but it’s hosted on a different platform whether that’s radio, TV, podcasts, print media and all you’re doing is sharing your message.
  • You are sharing your tips and your expertise to an audience that really needs to hear from you.

10:17- How has social media started to change the entire concept of public relations?

  • Public relation is all about building relationships, and social media is all about being social.
  • Social media has given us more access to journalists.

21:54- Three lessons

  • Just keep going.
  • Make your email pitches bespoke to that journalist.
  • If your first idea doesn’t get picked up, tweak it slightly and try again.


You can connect with Laura Perkes- LinkedIn

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After 2.5 years at that agency I spent six months working in Greece as a holiday rep, then returned to the PR industry working for a boutique agency that specialised in supporting health, fitness and wellness brands. I spent 6.5 years with this agency, progressing up the career ladder, reaching a senior management position and working with the CEO on client attraction and new business outreach.

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