Marina Byezhanova, Co-Founder, Brand of a Leader, a personal branding agency

Marina Byezhanova, Co-Founder, Brand of a Leader, a personal branding agency

  • Marina is the co-founder of Brand of a Leader which is a personal branding agency.




Who doesn’t know the importance of a brand in business? But, how often do we give thought to personal branding? A concept that might sound strange is of high value, especially in times, when everyone strives to have a meaningful work life.

A personal brand, like a company’s brand, is an ongoing and never-ending process. One has to consciously put efforts into developing and maintaining one. But what does that mean? How to start? How to maintain it? We have all your questions answered with a personal brand coach today.

00:36- Marina Byezhanova

  • Marina is the co-founder of Brand of a Leader, which is a personal branding agency.
  • She’s an entrepreneur, a global speaker, and a university instructor.
  • She’s a member of EO, which is an Entrepreneur’s Organization.

00:53- About the mission

  • Mission: To inspire 1 Million people to scale the reach of their voice in order to speak up, stand out, and be radically authentic.
  • I grew up in Post-Soviet Ukraine, and standing out was not much of an option. We were one great mass, you had to fit in with everybody else.
  • There is power in standing out. My father was Jewish, so the desire to speak up also became part of my core values.

03:19- What is Personal Branding?

  • A personal brand is really who we are, expressed in a uniquely differentiated way.
  • Everybody has a reputation brand. It includes some marketing magic, so it’s who you are but expressed in a uniquely positioned and differentiated way to create very clear and consistent associations in people’s minds.

07:07- Why is it so important to invest in one’s personal brand?

  • The personal brand gives us true equity and portability.
  • A personal brand should not be tied to talking about what we do, although it is one of the significant content pillars.
  • A personal brand needs to really express who we are.
  • We’re recognized depending on the audience. When we build the personal brand, we build equity that gives us constancy.

11:24- Role of social media in building one’s personal brand

  • People equate personal branding to social media.
  • Social Media is merely a platform and personal branding is a tool.


You can connect with Marina Byezhanova- LinkedIn

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Co-Founder of a personal branding agency called Brand of a Leader, Marina has been quoted and referenced in such publications as,, Fast Company, Success Magazine, Wall Street Journal and the Financial Post, and has spoken to audiences of entrepreneurs and business executives in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

She is a tenured member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), having served in local, regional, and global leadership roles.

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