Kishore Dharmarajan, CEO, Seo Souq FZ LLC


The definition of brand building is to generate awareness about your business using strategies and campaigns with the goal of creating a unique and lasting image in the marketplace. Positive image + standing out = brand success.

With social media gaining a larger part of our lives, businesses have resorted to them for marketing their brands. A business branch, which was earlier seldom seen to be a cost, is now an investment, trying to gain maximum eyeballs and attraction to a brand for its success.

00:38- About Kishore Dharmarajan

  • Kishore Dharmarajan is the CEO of Seo Souq FZ LLC.
  • He’s a metaverse expert, and he’s earlier worked with companies like WSI Internet Consulting, and Eureka Advertising Dubai.

00:59- About Seo Souq FZ LLC

  • I used to work in the corporate world.
  • In 2016, when LinkedIn opened up its content platform for people to make posts. I made a post on LinkedIn that in those times it was an article and I got a call from a prospect which led to a meeting and a contract all within 24 hours.

02:24- How are you seeing technology changing the way advertising functions?

  • Technology is not moving fast. We are all under the assumption that technology is moving fast.
  • Technology is moving along very slowly. It’s dragging its feet, and anyone can figure out technology.

03:32- What are the challenges companies face with respect to digital marketing?

  • Digital marketing campaigns tend to fail, and one of the reasons why they tend to fail is that it’s dominated by large search engines and few large social media platforms.
  • They have made it virtually impossible to get a customer for the right acquisition cost, so which means you will have to pay more to get a customer.

08:12- How do business entrepreneurs start formulating their own marketing strategy?

  • I would advise everyone who is starting off to actually concentrate on your customer.
  • So have the 10 dream clients that you wish to work with product on a piece of paper.
  • Look at what are the kind of challenges those industries are going through, and then you would also look at the decision-makers.
  • It’s better to construct with one message and one channel rather than 10 messages and be all over the place because we all have limited energies.

10:22- Messaging in a shorter attention span

  • This is a myth that we all tend to believe that people have very low attention spans and your message has to be very quick, and you need to deliver your message within seconds.
  • Look at your own consumer behavior. You will spend three hours watching a series on Netflix.

11:56- What is the metaverse?

  • The metaverse has been around for 20 years.
  • There was a site called Second Life which started in 2003.
  • They were here before Facebook and before Instagram.
  • Second life is where you could create an avatar, you could roam about in the virtual world, and you could enjoy life.
  • Metaverse is experience-based. It’s giving you a virtual world where you can play games, and co-exist with others.


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Kishore Dharmarajan is the CEO of Seo Souq, a digital agency that guarantees 700% ROI. He has worked at Saatchi, Eureka, WSI and HSBC before starting Seo Souq.

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