Dave Summers, Founder, and Owner at Pine Mountain Digital

Dave Summers, Founder, and Owner at Pine Mountain Digital

  • Dave is the Founder and Owner of Pine Mountain Digital.
  • He is a Digital Media Producer.




Content marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. Creators like you have a lot of options: blog posts, social media updates, visuals, videos, slide decks, and even more. You can even add podcasting to this mix. Audio is being used in clever ways to fit into the content plans of some top forward-thinking websites and blogs. Dave Summers, Founder, and Owner at Pine Mountain Digital talk to us about podcasting.

00:31- About Dave Summers

  • Dave is the Founder and Owner of Pine Mountain Digital.
  • He is a Digital Media Producer.
  • He creates impactful podcasts, interactive web events, irreverent video blogs, instructive explainer videos, and more.

00:41- How has the digital world evolved over the past few decades?

  • We made this major shift from analog forms of media delivery into the digital space.
  • You had the ability to be very selective about what titles you wanted to listen, and what content you wanted to consume.

02:49- About Pine Mountain Digital

  • We help thought leaders and people leaders tell their stories through cleverly designed and crisply produced digital media-enabled user experiences.
  • Focusing on Live Web events (Conferences, Seminars, Book Launches) and On-Demand content (Podcasts, Video blogs).

04:30- Why is it important for people to tell their stories?

  • All people have their stories about success, failure, terrible things that happened to them or about good things, so life would be boring without stories.
  • Without you would have an inability to reflect on lessons learned.

05:49- What goes into curating a successful podcast?

The challenges associated with  curating a successful podcast are:

  • Audience: Pre-step one is finding your right audience.
  • Consistency: People want to hear what the hosts have for them in the program.
  • Authenticity: Your voice, face, and message all come down to personal connection.


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I was an early advocate and developer of desktop digital media, eventually creating a massive library of constantly evolving web-based interactive content.

Through tours of duty at Pepsi, Accenture, AMA, and now independently, I’ve consistently fought for and delivered great customer and user experiences, partnering with recognized global thought leaders and some of the most compelling business storytellers in the world today.

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