Claudia Grace, Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Claudia Grace, Certified Health and Wellness Coach

  • Claudia Grace is the Certified Health and Wellness Coach.
  • She helps CEOs & Executives & Small Businesses.




We hear a lot and pay attention to physical fitness, essential for our body. But, equally important and often neglected is the concept of mental fitness. Including the daily exercises for mental fitness reaps multiple benefits. It improves our performance and physical being, too. Claudia Grace, Certified Health and Wellness Coach talks to us about mental health and executive coaching.

00:30- About Claudia Grace

  • Claudia Grace is the Certified Health and Wellness Coach.
  • She helps CEOs & Executives & Small Businesses.
  • She is a Corporate Mental Health & Well-being Facilitator.
  • She is also an Executive Coach.

00:41- How do you define health and wellness?

  • I look at health more from a holistic perspective.
  • I view it as an approach to life that considers the multi-dimension aspects of wellness.
  • It encourages an individual to recognize the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually.
  • Optimal wellness depends on the balance of all things together.
  • We have health and wellness because truly you can’t have one without the other. It’s a synergy of feeling healthy and fulfilled.

02:02- How does a fit and well leader differ from an unfit and unwell leader?

  • A fit and well leader is a transformational leader.

04:54- What made you decide to become a health and wellness coach?

  • My Colombian father being a physician influenced my love of science, and his service to people was at the heart of his practice as an anesthesiologist.
  • My mother taught me the importance of holistic nutrition and finding strength in sports.
  • I help entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations to overcome burnout, and stress, management of chronic conditions mental health support.

06:55- How have people coped on the health and wellness front during the pandemic?

  • It was very difficult. Our mental health was really challenged.
  • Isolation really pushed people to the end. It made people appreciate the positives.
  • We had gratitude for our health that we had to really go inside and dig deep to find what good can come out of it.

19:23- How do diet and lifestyle help us harness the power of our mind, body, and spirit?

  • We learned in COVID-19 that people who were obese were far sicker than those who were healthier.
  • It was attacking their bodies. They didn’t have a defense mechanism to fight the sickness, and plant-based diets are recommended for staying healthier.

23:00- Lessons

  • Embrace failure. Learn to love to fail. Fail often and fail a lot, and you will reach the success you want and be compassionate in that. Learn your lessons, be flexible and fail forward in your success.


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Claudia createss integrative programs addressing a broad variety of health issues: stress reduction, chronic disease management, nutrition, and mental health awareness & support. She empowers people with more self-confidence, knowledge, and the latest tools which transforms old behaviors into lasting habits.

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