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Traditional finance is going through a complete makeover. The new way to do finance is to do it with tech. New innovations in the industry are happening rapidly and are curated for the young tech-savvy consumer. Not only are we seeing a record number of startups in the field but we are also seeing the biggest companies adapt to the fast-changing finance world.

In today’s episode of The Brand Called You, Prshant Batra talks about his company WageFi and how it works. He also touches upon his professional experience at Goldman Sachs and Amex. He also talks about his professional and personal learnings over his illustrious career.

00:03 – About Prshant Batra

  • Prshant is the founder and CEO of WageFi.
  • He has degrees from IIT Delhi and Johns Hopkins University.
  • Prshant worked at Amex and Goldman Sachs before starting his own company.

00:33- What is WageFi and what does it stand for?

  • WageFi stands for redefining financial freedom for Americans who live paycheck to paycheck.
  • We are trying to narrow down to financial freedom of spending money for your needs, not spending money for your wants.
  • Payday loans have been a notorious industry for more than a decade. Still, 12 million Americans took a payday loan last year and paid $9 billion in interest and fees for it.
  • We are using the APIs to reduce the risks that payday loan companies face, which is why they charge such a high interest and fee and to automate it and create better value for the end users involved.

04:50- What has been your most important learning in your professional journey?

  • The launch of the Apple Card project at such a scale that we haven’t seen before stands out in my professional experience.
  • I taught myself how to code and build the entire decision engine platform, which takes a decision on who to prove or not to approve.
  • One thing that I learned through experiences at AmEx and Goldman is how to bring a team together on one mission. And that mission is always to make the corporation successful.
  • On a personal level, I started giving more value to myself and not underestimating myself, which gave me the confidence that I can execute my own ideas, and start my own company.

06:30-  What were some experiences in the nuts and bolts of creating the Apple Card?

  • Experience in building certain things is something you can always outsource or hire employees to do it. But the core mission is something you can never outsource. And both companies have a core mission.
  • Apple always has a core mission to build something that end users like, it’s sleek, it’s easy to operate. And Goldman’s core mission is to make money.
  • Apple wanted to have end-of-month pay cycles because they want to make it easy but all the ledge ring systems for credit cards or traditional ones were pretty old systems.
  • We eventually did build what Apple wanted and that helped us learn a valuable lesson that what we think is impossible, and we shouldn’t do, we can build it in-house.


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  • Prshant is the founder and CEO of WageFi.
  • He has degrees from IIT Delhi and Johns Hopkins University.
  • Prshant worked at Amex and Goldman Sachs before starting his own company.

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