Antony Randall, Co founder and CEO, Planet Home

Antony Randall, Co founder and CEO, Planet Home


Our planet is the responsibility of every person on this planet. And all of us have the ability to do something that can make a real difference. This is the aim of Planet Home, the world’s largest solutionist platform, founded in 2017 that involves art, music and technology to take care of the environment, spread information about how and what we can do to build sustainable communities and protect the environment. 

TBCY features today the co-founder Antony Randall to talk about the initiative, his journey and his inspiration behind the idea. 

About Antony Randall

Antony Randall, the Co-founder and CEO of Planet home  is an entrepreneur with several years of experience in running successful businesses. He has worked with artists like Jay Z, Beyoncé Knowles, Coldplay, The Weeknd and Rihanna as well as Fortune 500 brands, Broadcast TV shows like the Grammys.


Explain your journey from being an engineer to starting Planet Home?

Antony Randall started as an engineer, got into the touring industry and finally ended up in the live entertainment industry. In these 20 years, he created content for multiple different things in life space for Tv shows to large scale touring. He ran global events for global artists for producing shows in many regions travelling almost every day. 

He says, while growing up he witnessed some kind of  inequality in his neighborhood and when Bob Geldof launched his Live Aid, he was inspired to do something in that space as well. “I was really fascinated by this space where music and art and space could move us all towards equality”.

About Planet Home and its Community

Planet home is a non-profit which according to Antony is a contribution of a lot of different people. It has brought different thinkers together and that’s why Antony says that Planet home found him rather than him founding Planet Home. He talks about the three components of Planet Home and explains every component in detail. 

Students from university write daily for their community as they want them to empower themselves and also get their viewpoint. Antony believes it’s important to take different perspectives. “When you are at the bottom of the hill looking up it looks one way and when they are at the top looking down it looks another way. It makes neither right or wrong, it just means they’re very different perspectives”

Who is a solutionist?

When asked who’s the solutionist in Planet Home, Antony says he believes everybody to be a solutionist. In his words, “Anybody can be a solutionist because everybody has the ability to solve the problems” 


Antony Randall  shares many more things and stories related to his career, and Planet Home. He talks about the communities they connect with, the way they function and how they use entertainment to provide information to people on saving the world. 

He says thaart t has the power of moving someone from the moment to somewhere else and thus is a powerful way to communicate to people a serious message.

When asked what inspires him to do what he does, he says that knowing that everyone has the ability to solve the problems and that there is a solution which exists is what works as his inspiration. “We built the world, we destroyed the world, and now we can fix the world”

Tune in to watch the episode and listen to this inspiring conversation of Antony Randall with our host Frits Bussemaker. 


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