Prakash Seshadri Sharma, Founder, SEE CHANGE Consulting

Prakash Seshadri Sharma, Founder, SEE CHANGE Consulting (1)

Prakash Seshadri Sharma, Founder, SEE CHANGE Consulting

Prakash Seshadri is a 10X Business Growth Expert, Much sought after “C” Suite Coach, Serial Author, Keynote Speaker and Founder of See Change, India.



In this fast growing world, nobody wants to lag behind. In order to keep up with the world, we indulge ourselves into multiple things and lose ourselves. That is where we need a COACH. We need someone who can understand us and guide us to the right path. Our guest for today Mr. Prakash Seshadri Sharma is a coach too.

Apart from being a coach, he is the Founder of SEE CHANGE Consultancy, he is a serial author, nation builder, business strategist, movie consultant, metal conditioning expert and an avid heartfulness mediator. 

Prakash’s story of becoming a Coach

Prakash tells us that when he graduated in 1983, he and some of his friends contributed money to start  a pharmaceutical business. Six months later, they realised that business was not their cup of tea and had there been a coach they could have understood it better. There he understood the importance of a coach and a person who can guide somebody.

The growing importance of coaching

In Prakash’s opinion coaching is now much more than teaching. He tells us that coaching is not just one subject but it has about seven subdivisions. To make us understand better he tells a situation where a son is taking over the business from his father. He has an immense pressure to work efficiently from day one. He would want someone to check if his thoughts and ideas for the business are right, or if they need adjustments. This is the coaching he would need. Prakash gives another example of the IPL. He says that the mental conditioning there is very important where the players have to get the results from the very first ball. He also gives it a metaphor of a calf who has to run to save its life from predators right after coming out of its mother’s womb.

Success Coaching

Prakash believes that success has two aspects; ambition and aspiration. Ambition is increasing material assets, whereas aspiration means not the output but the outcome and what legacy are you leaving behind. Success is just a fancy word for people to keep going. It is like a 360° growth. They need to define which part of the 360° they want to focus on for success coaching.

The holistic and spiritual leadership approach

Prakash tells us that people often confuse spiritual coaching with religion. However, there is nothing like that, it is just bringing balance back to our lives. He believes that there are three pillars to the holistic and spiritual leadership approach: living peacefully, living happily and ensuring that all that you are capable of gets unfolded in this world.

Workplace and the younger generation

In Prakash’s opinion, the younger generation is changing the traditional culture of the organizations. First he talks about being blunt and open. He says that the younger generation demands transparency in the workplace and if they don’t get it, they bluntly quit and do other things. Secondly, the younger generation wants flexibility. You explain the end results you need and leave the work pattern to them. Prakash tells us that big corporations like Google have adopted this pattern of working. Another thing Prakash has experienced while working with the younger generation is that they are not disrespectful but are really candid and open in conversations. He also believes that this generation is extremely creative and demands an absolutely free space to make use of their creative minds.

Vulnerabilities younger generation brings to the workplace

Prakash believes that the strengths of the younger generation are also their weaknesses. He points out the access to information this generation has. He says that the younger generation has a huge amount of raw and unfiltered information and they do not know what to do with it. Another thing he talks about is getting information too fast at a very early stage. He also mentions the excessive use of social media and exposure to information at a time when it should not be there. He says that younger generation is falling in the trap of wrong way of life like drugs and early sex which ultimately leads to discontentment, depression and mental disorders.

Coaching the younger generation at workplace

Prakash states that coaching earlier used to be sharing one’s experiences with the younger generation and advising them about what to do and what not to do. This generation works completely opposite. They don’t want any unsolicited advice. They have huge potential and different ways of thinking, this is why they formulate opinions that nobody understands. The kind of coaching they need is first listening to them. Once they pour out what they have to say and the vessel is empty, they’ll take the knowledge and wisdom you are willing to share with them.


Prakash Seshadri is a 10X Business Growth Expert, Much sought after “C” Suite Coach, Serial Author, Keynote Speaker and Founder of See Change, India. He helps Businesses to grow Exponentially through his research based, time tested, home grown “Turnaround Frameworks”.

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