How To Stand Out In A Crowd Just By Being Yourself with Ashutosh Garg

In your quest to create a successful brand, never lose sight of the fact that being different does not mean losing your own identity. Choose a path that appeals to both your heart and your brain and tread on it confidently even if it seems like an off-beaten path. If your logical and emotional side are in harmony over an idea, in all likelihood the idea is going to hit the right mark.

In today’s age of social media it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to stay authentic. It’s important to understand that when you do a photo shoot you have the possibility of doing many retakes. Most people tend to airbrush images that they put up on social media. The stark reality in life is that there are no retakes. What you say and what you do keeps going into your so-called life’s balance. The most perishable commodity that we all have to live with is time. Every hour that you lose is not going to be reinvented or cannot be recovered. So, therefore, it becomes very important for you to do what is right when it comes to your professional life.

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg, founder of one of the largest pharmacy chains in India, elaborates upon topics like the importance of personal branding, the 4Cs that help create a positive personal brand, and how to ace an interview.

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