Swathi Kulkarni | Co-Founder and CEO, Elda Health

Swathi Kulkarni | Co-Founder and CEO, Elda Health

  • Swathi is the co-founder and CEO of Elda Health, which is a holistic midlife and menopause healthcare platform.
  • She is also a vipassana meditator.



Menopause, the reality that women across the world experience is considered taboo just like periods. However, progressive changes in the conversation over periods can still be seen, but we hardly hear about the challenges that women go through during menopause. It is such a secretive topic, that even the family members are unaware of how to help the women, or they turn a blind eye to the issue owing to their inadequacies of dealing with it. In today’s episode, we talk about the health challenges of women in their 40s and 50s and the need to initiate a dialogue on menopause.

[00:35] – About Swathi Kulkarni

  • Swathi is the co-founder and CEO of Elda Health, which is a holistic midlife and menopause healthcare platform.
  • She is also a vipassana meditator.

[02:16] – Please share about Elda Health. What was your motivation to start it?

  • As a woman, I’m also a consumer of all products and services that Women’s Health companies have to offer.
  • It started with a really personal experience in my early 30s. I started experiencing some tough neck and back problems due to the stress and the pressure that startups bring along.
  •  I also had some issues with my second child’s delivery and I think that entire complication of how women’s health was just looked at as pregnancy and puberty, intrigued me.
  • As I went towards the later part of my 30s I realized that this is an age group where women are ignored and that’s probably what I started thinking about.
  • As I grew older, I think the more symptoms I felt myself and when I looked around and spoke to people, I realized that there wasn’t much non-judgmental holistic health that was available.
  • In Jan 2021, I created a group of around 250 midlife women in their 40s and 50s, primarily in metros, tier-one, and tier-two cities. 
  • Menopause is a phase where women are silently suffering, and they’re suffering alone to the extent that even their husbands don’t know what’s happening to the women. That’s where the entire conversation started. 

[04:32] – What is the meaning of the word, “Elda?”

  • Elda means, “a warrior”. We believe that all women are warriors.
  • We are either things internally or externally, at home or at work.
  • We also believe in a very positive and optimistic approach toward health and overall happiness.
  • The word “Elda” just seemed to have resonated with what the team was feeling, and that’s how Elda Health was born.

[05:23] – What are some health challenges that women face in our country?

  • I would say that at least now the government is focused on control of female foeticide, and maternal mortality.
  • There’s been a huge focus on developing some stringent procedures there, but if you look at the post-reproductive ages, that’s where Elda focuses. 
  • In the last two-three decades, the issues have moved from infectious diseases to metabolic disorders. 
  • What happens is that in our early 40s and 50s, the level of estrogen starts reducing. Now once that starts dipping, we are more exposed to issues that we were typically protected from, for example, diabetes or cardiovascular issues.
  • Our lifespan has actually increased so if I’m actually going to be living way into my 80s and 90s, I have to focus on my health in my 40s and 50s as a woman to ensure I don’t end up with any chronic issues in my 60s, and I’m able to protect myself from the psychological, and physiological issues.
  • Estrogen is the one that dips and causes all these issues in women.


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  • Swathi is the co-founder and CEO of Elda Health, which is a holistic midlife and menopause healthcare platform.
  • She is also a vipassana meditator.

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