Erik Seversen, Speaker, Author, Adventurer, Educator, Entrepreneur

Erik Seversen, Speaker, Author, Adventurer, Educator, Entrepreneur

Eric is an author, adventurer, and educator entrepreneur. He is the author of the book titled: Ordinary to Extraordinary.




Starting a Business is one of the biggest challenges any entrepreneur will face. There are many questions to answer at the very beginning when starting a business, but the most difficult one is the question of what exactly you want to do. Today we have Speaker, Author, Adventurer, Educator, and Entrepreneur, Erik Seversen to talk about his experience of starting a business.

[00:35] About Erik Seversen, Speaker, Author, Adventurer, Educator, Entrepreneur

  • Eric is an author, adventurer, and educator entrepreneur.
  • He is the author of the book titled: Ordinary to Extraordinary.
  • With over ten years of experience teaching at the university level and over ten years in business, helping people turn knowledge into action and get results is his mission.

[00:57] About journey from a degree in anthropology to teaching English in Japan to traveling to 80 countries

  • I chased opportunity, even sometimes more than what was practical.
  • I chose anthropology because it was exciting to me.
  • I used anthropology and international business development to help a company grow from seven million valuations to over a hundred million in 10 years.
  • A friend came up to me with a flyer that was for a job in Japan. I’d already traveled internationally a little so I was sent over to help start an American college in Japan.

[04:46] How did anthropology help you succeed in business?

  • It allowed me to see multiple perspectives.
  • If I ask the right questions to somebody who is X personality or from X country, there’s a good chance that there’s going to be some parallels in the behavior.
  • When I’m in a negotiation that is going nowhere, I find a way to make myself vulnerable and ask for help from them and once they help me somehow it breaks down this barrier of me versus him.

[08:14] ‘You make small changes to improve our lives’

  • Sometimes reading comes at just the right time. I was at a point where I wanted to make a business change a little and I happened to read.
  • The successful people had habits that they shared in common, and so I started looking into what those habits were, and I read books about them.
  • I found out that the habits of these billionaires, thought leaders, and hyper-good athletes were meditation or prayer.

[16:09] Lessons from the traveling experience

  • People can be amazing
  • To be cautious
  • Vulnerability

[18:22] About the book

Ordinary to Extraordinary is my first book. I wrote true first-person narratives. The first time I wrote these stories, I sent them to a book agent, and he says you and all your friends are going to love this. That’s not a compliment. So I spent a year reworking the book.  I just wrote it for fun, and it led to a lot of public speaking.

[21:29] Three key life lessons

  • Action is more important than knowledge
  • Live in a realm of gratitude


You can connect with Erik Seversen- LinkedIn

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“Ordinary to Extraordinary” is something Erik Seversen (SEE-ver-sen) lives by. Born into an average, middle-class family in a suburb of Tacoma, Washington, Erik received no support from school counselors and others, but Erik didn’t let them crush his desire to accomplish amazing things.

Erik also took life experiences, like rejection from his dream school UCLA, and turned them into challenges. He excelled in community college and got into UCLA two years later.

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