K Rajaram, CEO with Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC

K. Rajaram, CEO, ‘Al Nabooda LLC

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a conversation with K. Rajaram, CEO at ‘Al Nabooda LLC’, the world’s largest Porsche dealer.



“Being at the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time, that counts for a heck of a lot.”- K. Rajaram

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a conversation with K. Rajaram, CEO at ‘Al Nabooda LLC’, the world’s largest Porsche dealer. Rajaram, an eccentric corporate leader, has forty years of experience in the automobile industry.

Rajaram shares the three key milestones in his life. He talks about what goes into building a successful automobile brand. He emphasizes the importance of treating the customers well to improve business. He talks about the general trends in the UAE automobile market. He shares his views on electric cars and their future. He talks about the influence of millennials and Gen-Z in the automobile business.

Rajaram tells us what characteristic traits he looks for while recruiting a CEO.



Bachelors Degree in Engineering with a specialization in Metallurgical Engineering.

Masters Degree in Management with a specialization in Marketing.


Almost 3 decades of experience in the Regional Auto Industry completely with the Volkswagen Group.  Started my Career with the Auto Industry in Sultanate of Oman in 1983 and spent most of it in Muscat.

After working in Oman for almost 18 years, in the early part of 1996, I was approached by our Principals M/s. Volkswagen AG in Germany who requested me to re-locate to Dubai to run the Audi, Volkswagen & Porsche Franchise in Dubai in the UAE.  VW & Audi requested me to oversee these operations in order to ensure that these brands could increase their Market Share in the very lucrative UAE Market.  I left Oman in the June of 1996 and then joined M/s. Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC in Dubai in the September of the same year.

When I took over this Organization as Chief Executive Officer, the Company sold a total of 365 Cars per year comprising of all the 3 brands viz., the VW, Audi & Porsche.  Today the results of Company very clearly indicate the progress that has been made in the last 5 years and we put more than 5000 Units of our Brands on Road every year and in our Forecast and Business Planning up to the year 2010, we are looking at the total market of selling over 10,000 Units in the UAE.  Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC is the only company in the UAE which has recorded double digit growth consistently over the past 5 years.  I continue to hold the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Company and as a Primary Automotive Consultant to the Owners of this group till date.  


After taking over as CEO with Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC, our organization has built 3 individual Showrooms and “State of the Art” After Sales Facilities for all the 3 brands viz., Volkswagen, Audi & Porsche.   Our VW Showroom & After Sales Facility is the largest in the World, which has an added new dimension to our Company. The World’s largest Audi new car showroom was opened in 2012 and in the 2nd quarter of 2016 the world’s largest Audi workshop was inaugurated. The Company has also expanded with multi brand facilities in the emirates of Sharjah and Fujairah & opened a state of the art Body Shop with on and off road test tracks; WE are also the dealers of HP Lubricants in UAE. 

Throughout my Business Career, I have made, setting up of Companies and turning around sick units my forte.  I have a great flair for motivating people and ensuring that the people, who work for my organization or for any organization I consult with, put their best foot forward and deliver the best results to the Company.


In February 2006 Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC became the world’s largest Porsche Dealer, overtaking the Porches Centre in Beverly Hills California and Champion motors Miami. Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC. Dubai now sells more Porsches per capita than that of any other dealership in the world. Until date, (2013) Dubai continues to be the largest Porsche Dealership in the world.


In recognition of his services to Dubai and his contribution to society, the U.A.E government recently honored Rajaram with a Golden Visa (10 year)

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