Karishma Bhalla, Co Founder and Director, Taramis Labs Ltd, a Health Food brand

Karishma Bhalla, Co Founder and Director, Taramis Labs Ltd, a Health Food brand

Karishma Bhalla, Co-Founder and Director, Taramis Labs Ltd, a Health Food brand

Karishma Bhalla is the co-founder and director of Taramis Labs Pvt. Ltd., a health food brand targeting the everyday athlete.



There is a lot more to health than what meets the eye. In a world where the excruciating need for perfectionism and flawless appearances is a top priority, real health is taking a back seat. Nutrition and strength are being ignored while size zero fittings and six-pack abs are stealing the show. In a country like India where a major part of our inspiration lies in Bollywood, people are increasingly focusing on appearing good instead of staying healthy. Fad diets and dangerously exhausting workout routines are taking over the internet. 

In such an environment, keeping physical and mental health in check becomes a big challenge.

Today, TBCY brings you a very accomplished woman who is working on nutrition, strength, and health-focused food brand in India. 

We welcome Karishma Bhalla, a professional turned Entrepreneur on the podcast today. 

About Karishma:

Karishma is the Co-Founder of Taramis Labs ltd, a health food brand. In her earlier avatar, she was the Managing Director and Partner of Boston Consulting Group.  She has several years of experience in the field of marketing as well as entrepreneurship

In this very interesting interview with our host Ashutosh Garg, Karishma shares her professional story with us. 

The story of her brand Taramis:

A personal experience and realization led Karishma to do her research on Indian health and nutrition. 

After knowing that the consumers are in dire need of a health brand, she kick-started Taramis Labs – a healthy food brand. She curated products focusing on the necessary nutritional aspects in them.

“People between the age of 35 to 40 now are going through what I call the health midlife crisis. You do your first blood work between 35 to 40. The results come out in a hurry and you realize – oh my god I have reached the stage in my corporate career but my health has taken a toll. I’m gonna live to be 90 and I’m gonna spend more years, you know, outside of this job than inside it. 

And this realization suddenly takes you over and everybody starts running half marathons and then full marathons. So this kernel of change is very real. People are beginning to focus on real nutrition and that combined with a very personal realization, I said was pushing my son’s bicycle around or not being able to push my son’s bicycle around,  actually made me realize that there’s value to creating a real nutrition brand”

Why does India need a health-focused food brand?

While we all think our food consumption is healthy, we unknowingly consume excess oil and sugar on a daily basis. Protein deficiency, surprisingly, is a major issue in the country.

“So India is massively protein deficient. We have an 80-80 protein gap.  80 percent of Indians are protein deficient and that deficiency is as high as 80 percent! So we are on a mission to make protein accessible. We want everybody to be able to consume the amount of protein they need.”

Karishma throws light on working as a woman in the corporate and business sector. She believes multi-tasking is not an “option” for a working mom. She shares some personal experiences distinctly displaying how gender plays a distinct role in professions. She also talks about branding and the experiences she has drawn from her consulting role in entrepreneurship.

Her work is driven by honesty and her goal is welfare and health-oriented.


Karishma Bhalla is the co-founder and director of Taramis Labs Pvt. Ltd., a health food brand targeting the everyday athlete. At Taramis Labs Karishma describes their mission as spreading the “joy of eating right”. The brand is constantly breaking traditional trade-offs to deliver lip smacking fitness food to consumers. The brand currently sells protein-based beverages and is rapidly expanding into other categories driven by strong consumer response. Prior to this Karishma was a Managing Director and Partner at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). She was a core member of BCG’s Consumer Practice. She worked with leading Indian and International consumer goods players. She also spent a considerable time on researching evolving consumer trends and their implications. Karishma also led the and led the digital marketing and personalization topic for BCG. She worked in the digital consumption space across emerging economies, collaborating with leading players, to shape business models tapping digital opportunity pools.
She worked actively on the CII-BCG collaboration in the media space and has authored multiple papers on emerging consumption trends in media. She has also contributed to the press on Indian consumer behavior in luxury and its’ evolution. She has also been closely involved with the women’s initiative at BCG and remains actively involved with multiple groups to drive higher women participation in the workforce.
Karishma has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC). She interned at Hindustan Unilever prior to joining BCG.

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