Kavita Bagga, in her own words, is a corporate rat turned farm rodent. She has had as amazing corporate journey working with companies like J. Walter Thompson, Hindustan Unilever, Pepsi Co., National Geographic, Times of India and SABMiller. She also led the marketing campaign for Kellogg’s cereal and Horlicks, brands which were completely new to India and didn’t find an existing market share initially. As a woman in otherwise male-dominated industries, she talks about the manifestations of gender equality, gender diversity and her overall experiences with these corporations.


After realising the gaping void of organic products and their need, she went on to found Kara Organics and producing farm-fresh goods on her own and created an access point for organic vegetables for other people to enjoy. Tune in to learn more about her journey as she undertook this major career shift and her insights into the current farming situation of India.


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