Anirudh Suri, Author, The Great Tech Game and Managing Partner, India Internet Fund

Anirudh Suri, Author, The Great Tech Game and Managing Partner, India Internet Fund

  • Anirudh is the author of the book titled The Great Tech Game.
  • He is also the Managing Partner of the India Internet Fund.




The tech startup ecosystem in India has seen the emergence of a slew of new investors recently, many of whom are coming in to support with seed funding. Securing funding and support from a venture capital investor can be the make-or-break point for many early-stage startups on the edge of success (or, unfortunately, failure). That’s why TBCY has brought Anirudh Suri, Author of The Great Tech Game and Managing Partner, India Internet Fund, to share his insights about the same.


00:33- About Anirudh Suri

  • Anirudh is the author of the book titled The Great Tech Game.
  • He is also the Managing Partner of the India Internet Fund.
  • He is a venture capitalist technology leader, entrepreneur, and policy advisor.
  • He talks about India, startups, technology, geopolitics, and the innovation economy.

00:56- About India Internet Fund

  • India Internet Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund focused on technology startups.
  • The India Internet Fund invests in early-stage Internet and mobile technology startups.
  • The firm’s partners collectively bring vast experience in entrepreneurship, investing, and management with deep industry knowledge and relationships in the U.S. and India.

03:11- What kind of sectors would you be looking at?

  • When we started, we believe that there was a very interesting opportunity for us-based companies to come to India to set up their India’s arm.
  • In the mid-part of this past decade, we realized that Indian SAS companies were starting to achieve a certain cache in the global market.

07:39- Like any early-stage investor at what stage do you look for an exit?

  • There’s not a standard sort of rule of thumb there. We really look for exiting when we believe the time is right for us.
  • There comes a time when there’s a larger investor required to really take the company forward, at that point we might then choose to exit.

13:06- About The Great Tech Game

  • After agriculture, trade, industrialization, colonization, and capitalism, technology is arguably the next big shaper of geopolitics in the world.
  • It is increasingly a major determinant of the destiny of nations today and is creating a new set of winners and losers on the global stage.
  • In The Great Tech Game, the author provides a coherent framework outlining the key drivers that will determine the ability of a nation to succeed in this technology-dominant era.
  • He lays out a roadmap for how any country must develop its own strategic plan for success.

22:43- Key lessons

  • Focus on emerging tech waves within the broader tech face and not just stay focused on the wave that has already may be passed.
  • The game is changing, make sure you understand the game.


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Anirudh Suri is a venture capitalist, technology entrepreneur and policy advisor. His interests lie at the intersection of technology and geopolitics, and he is committed to help India and Indian startups to cement their space in the global tech ecosystem.

He is currently the Managing Partner at India Internet Fund, a technology-focused venture capital fund based in India and the U.S. Previously, he has worked with the Government of India in Delhi, McKinsey and Company in New York, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC, and Goldman Sachs in London.

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