Pandit Dasa, Former Monk, Mindfulness Expert, Author, and Speaker

Pandit Dasa, Former Monk, Mindfulness Expert, Author, and Speaker

  • Pandit is a former monk.
  • He is a mindfulness expert.
  • He is an author.




We hear a lot and pay attention to physical fitness, essential for our body. But, equally critical and often neglected is the concept of mental fitness. Including the daily exercises for mental fitness reaps multiple benefits. It improves our performance and physical being, too.

Today, we have a mindfulness expert who delves into the importance of the same.

00:35- About Pandit Dasa

  • Pandit is a former monk.
  • He is a mindfulness expert.
  • He is an author.
  • He is making workplaces happier, healthier, and more productive.

00:52- What made you become a monk, and what made you renounce the monk order?

  • Becoming a monk is nothing anyone ever plans as part of their life.
  • My entire life turned upside down, that was a time I turned inward to really ask myself the question that I think we all ask ourselves when we go through difficulties why is this happening to me.
  • What did I do to deserve this that made me turn inward, and I started practicing mindfulness meditation just to try to stay calm.

05:40- Self-Care is not selfish

  • If we’re not mentally, emotionally, physically, healthy, and nourished how are we going to be able to be there for our family.
  • How can we meet the demands of our corporate life.
  • We need to take the guilt out of self-care, like if I need a little more sleep, I shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

08:11- What is mindfulness?

  • Being able to bring your thoughts and emotions under control.
  • Being more in the present moment because our mind has a tendency to be constantly distracted.

12:29- How to improve the quality of one’s sleep?

  • The lack of sleep on a regular basis can impact your mood, memory, health, and judgment.
  • The research also shows that if we’re not sleeping properly, it gradually starts to impact our physical health.
  • It increases our chances of developing obesity by almost 50 percent.
  • It increases our chances of developing colorectal cancer by about 40 percent.

 14:52- It’s important to maintain positive relationships, but if we don’t, what is the impact on us?

  • If we don’t have a positive relationship, then we’ll experience more depression.
  • When we need help, no one’s going to be reaching out to us to see how we’re doing.
  • Relations are something that requires an investment of our time and emotional energy, whether it’s work or personal life.


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Pandit Dasa is a former monk, mindfulness expert, author and international keynote speaker who speaks to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. In his speeches, he emphasizes the concept that “self-care is not selfish” and that we need to learn to “close the apps” in our mind, otherwise we will feel drained and depleted.

He provides practical tips on how we can become more resilient by better managing our emotional, mental and physical health so that we can be more focused and productive and be more present for our colleagues and family.

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