Today on our podcast, we have a millennial and a very successful entrepreneur, Rushabh Vora in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Rushabh is the Co-founder of a real estate development company called SILA and he’s here to share his journey with us. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Rushabh is also a sports enthusiast and has played squash internationally for India.

In the interview, Rushabh tells us about his company SILA and how it has expanded over 75 cities all over India, from Leh Ladakh to the South to the North-Eastern parts of the country. He discusses in detail the current real estate market in India and how SILA is changing the real estate business in the country. He gives his insights into the changes in the market after the pandemic. Rushabh tells us that transparency, honesty, and proactiveness is the key to be successful for any business. He also enlightens us on the pricing of commercial and residential real estate after the pandemic was hit.

In the final section, Rushabh advises young startup entrepreneurs from his own experience. Tune in to find more!

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