Sandhya Vasudevan, Independent Director, Board Advisor, Consultant

Sandhya Vasudevan, Independent Director, Board Advisor, Consultant

  • Sandhya Vasudevan is an Independent Director.
  • She is a Board Advisor.
  • She is a Consultant.




Fintech is one of the most demanded and trending sectors in the modern world today. With more and more finance companies establishing themselves in the market, technology remains the strongest tool these companies used to boost business.

So what exactly is Fintech? And why is it continuously being talked about? Is the Fintech Industry futuristic?

Get all your questions answered! Today, TBCY features an accomplished leader and professional from the Fintech sector on the podcast. She is extremely experienced and has immense knowledge of the Fintech space. We welcome Sandhya Vasudevan.


[00:40] About Sandhya Vasudevan

  • Sandhya Vasudevan is an Independent Director.
  • She is a Board Advisor.
  • She is a Consultant.
  • She is the former Managing Director of Deutsche Bank Group.
  • She is a YPO member.

[00:59] How has banking evolved?

  • Technology: Earlier technology was mainframe then moved into a more distributed network, and today it is Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning.
  • Risk and Regulator: If you look at it on a daily basis, at least one or two regulations are getting rolled out in each country.
  • Geopolitics: Trade activity across the globe has had a shift in the way we do business.

[05:43] How is the digital revolution empowering financial inclusion?

  • It is a transitioning phase for us, but digital literacy has enabled people even at the bottom of the pyramid.
  • People are getting funding through Mudra Loans.

[09:28] Who understands the valuation better-The stock market or VCs?

  • In the stock market, you have the primary offering which is the IPO, then the secondary is sales that tend to happen. People who buy and trade in that can be either who look at the fundamentals of the company or they are looking at the numbers going up and down.
  • VCs tend to be pre-IPO. They are looking at it more in terms of is going to scale.

[13:06] What do you look for before accepting a board position?

I look for two things:

  • What kind of business is it.
  • What kind of people or promoters are there.

[18:02] Three life lessons

  • Do not be afraid to ask stupid questions.
  • You need to understand the rules of engagement in any environment.
  • Are you true to yourself


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Sandhya Vasudevan is the COO and MD of Deutsche Bank Group, and the former Head of Service Centres for DBOI. She is also the Global Head of Business Engineering within the Global Business Services division of Deutsche Bank, and is part of the Asia Management team of Global Services.

Sandhya has over 24 years of rich industry experience in the field of operations, financial services and the IT-enabled services industry; and has worked with organisations such as Guardian Royal Exchange, Thomson Reuters and AXA.

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