Makarand Jawadekar, Pharmaceutical Advisor, US companies

Makarand Jawadekar, Pharmaceutical Advisor, US companies

Dr. Makarand (Mak) Jawadekar devoted most of his working years at Pfizer, Inc. based in Groton-New London Connecticut for 28 consecutive years.  



The Brand Called You welcome a very senior professional from the world of pharmaceuticals, Makarand Jawadekar. Makarand is the pharmaceutical advisor for many US companies. He has worked for 28+years as a pharma research director at PFizer Inc. Post Pfizer he spent 11 years as an Independent External Advisor to many BioTech and pharmaceutical companies.

Makarand is in conversation with host Ashutosh Garg about his professional journey and the vast experiences that he holds. He shares with the audience the work that goes behind creating a formulation. And the several challenges faced by the pharma industry. Makarand also throws light on the stance of the government on research spending and the evident role of genetics in the pharma industry. 

He shares his success mantra and advises budding pharmacists to work towards their passion! 

Make sure you are driven by science!

His work:

A giant pharmaceutical company, Pfizer is known worldwide for its commitment to global health and supply of quality drugs. Pfizer is also playing a lead role in helping curb the Covid 19 situation all over the world. Makarand Jawadekar worked with Pfizer for 28+ years as their research scientist. He also got a chance to be the formulator for Zoloft, a widely used drug that became a multi-billion product!  Apart from his long and successful journey at Pfizer, Makarand has worked as a pharmaceutical advisor for many companies in the US. He has also practiced as an Independent External Advisor to many Biotech and Pharma companies! 

His beliefs:

A hardworking professional, Makarand stays grounded on his values. He believes that credibility, honesty and loyalty are some values one should stay firm upon. Success to him is laying out goals and working towards them relentlessly! He encourages youngsters to do give their best and believes that: 

“Sky is the limit”


Dr. Makarand (Mak) Jawadekar devoted most of his working years at Pfizer, Inc. based in Groton-New London Connecticut for 28 consecutive years. During his career span at Pfizer, he was responsible for Drug Delivery Technology Assessment function involving external ‘Drug Delivery’ technologies. He has extensive experience in creating and cultivating external partnerships and alliances for Drug Delivery Technologies. He began his professional career at Pfizer Central Research in early 1982, after having completed his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics, under the guidance of Prof. Ed Rippie at the University of Minnesota. His 28+ years of experience with Pfizer Global R&D specifically includes Solids R&D, Drug Product formulation/Dosage Form/ Drug Delivery development, Clinical Trials Supply Manufacturing, Scale-up, and Technology Transfer & Research Pharmacy functions. He helped create various Pharma R&D Partnerships, JVs, and Collaborations. He was also involved in conducting ‘Due-Diligence’ activities as a subject matter expert on behalf of Pfizer for the eventual acquisition of companies or their IP assets. He managed several internal functions/groups within R&D for many years. As a bench Scientist, he got to work on many challenging commercial formulations which became multibillion dollar products for many years for Pfizer Inc. These R & D formulations & Product development programs included ZOLOFT, ZITHROMAX, VIAGRA faster onset, DIFLUCAN ODT. He also worked on many “Life Cycle Management “related projects for extending the life-cycle of Pfizer’s existing products. Post Pfizer career, he worked with KKR, a Private Equity group in New York, for the acquisition of Capsugel division from Pfizer which Pfizer divested later in 2011. Mak has presented at many professional meetings and has participated in various Panel Discussions/Round Tables around the globe.

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