Bhuvan Srinivasan, Chief Business Officer, Ultrahuman

Bhuvan Srinivasan, Chief Business Officer, Ultrahuman

  • Bhuvan is the Chief Business Officer of Ultrahuman.



Wearable technology is a blanket term for electronic devices that can be worn on the body, either as an accessory like a watch or a pair of glasses or as part of the material used in clothing such as sportswear that measures biometrics. The market for wearables has been growing significantly within the medical market over the past several years and is in the middle of a period of technological advancement in the healthcare industry.

In today’s episode of The Brand Called You, Bhuvan Srinivasan talks about healthcare and the advancements in the industry. He also talks about Ultrahuman and all that it has to offer.

[00:22] – About Bhuvan Srinivasan

  • Bhuvan is the Chief Business Officer of Ultrahuman.
  • He was earlier director of private equity with KKR and Bain in Singapore.

04:49- How do you define metabolism?

  • Metabolism is actually a very broad term, but ultimately, down to your body’s ability to use energy.
  • And a lot of that, as you know, is driven by lifestyle factors and by genetic factors.
  • For genetic factors, we can’t do anything about that but there’s a lot that we can do from the lifestyle.
  • When stressed, your metabolism is actually poor.
  • When you sleep less, your metabolism is actually poor. So, you’re actually putting your body into a harmful zone by not taking care of those factors.

07:02- What are some steps of decoding metabolism?

  • What we do is, use what is called a continuous glucose monitor. And then we also have another variable called Ultrahuman ring.
  • We figure out what your lifestyle looks like? What are you eating? Are you active? Are you not active? How are you sleeping?
  • You could have a sleep problem, I could have a stress problem, and what you need to do is very different from what I need to do. That is what we mean by decoding.

15:50- What kind of innovations are happening in the area of personal devices?

  • Back in the day, you had a thermometer, there was like one metric, then it became something else, then it became something else.
  • Information was taken, not in a continuous manner, but in a discreet manner.
  • There was just a lack of data, there was a lack of information, and acquiring data was so difficult.
  • We had seen a big change in that. So now you have Apple Watches, you have Fitbit, you have a ring from Ultrahuman, you have continuous glucose monitors.
  • Today we are at a stage where data acquisition has become easier, the insights are still lacking.
  • We are really working hard on using AI using software using technology to make the insights more and more specific and more and more actionable.


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  • Bhuvan is the Chief Business Officer of Ultrahuman.
  • He was earlier director of private equity with KKR and Bain in Singapore.

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