Pradeep Nenumal Lala, MD and CEO, Embassy Services

Managing a Real Estate Business | Pradeep Nenumal Lala, MD and CEO, Embassy Services

Pradeep Nenumal Lala, MD, and CEO, Embassy Services

Pradeep Lala is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Embassy Services Pvt. Ltd. (ESPL) since 2013.



For today’s episode, The Brand Called You brings you a personality who is responsible for the amazing infrastructure you see as people’s houses and offices. Our guest for today, Pradeep N Lala, is the CEO and Managing Director of Embassy Services, which is a part of the Embassy Group, one of the largest realtors in India. 

Operations at Embassy Services

Embassy Services manages all formats of real estate assets for the Embassy group. They have so far been focussed on Bangalore but with recent acquisition of a portfolio from India Bulls, they will be expanding their services to include Gurugram and Mumbai as well.

Pradeep states that for them, every residential apartment resident, corporate user or a co-living resident has unique needs and that they work towards ensuring these needs are met through their young and well-trained teams. Their clients range from the very young to the old and their endeavour is to ensure complete satisfaction to every resident or corporate user. Embassy Services is a learning organisation starting from the very top, where Pradeep says he is constantly learning every day.

How technology is changing the services offered by Embassy Services?

In the conversation Pradeep mentioned that Embassy Services uses the technology extensively to ensure that all functions are managed well to deliver maximum satisfaction to their guests. They use analytics and predictive maintenance to improve their services and bring down their costs. They also offer unique packages where they handle all housekeeping needs for guests in their complexes. If so required.

Pradeep also manages an entrepreneurial role in addition to his professional commitments. He is a channel partner of Ingersoll Rand where he worked for a long time before moving to his current role. He has continued his association with the company over several decades and was recently invited to speak at the company’s centenary celebrations. 

How different it is to manage commercial real estate and residential real estate?

Pradeep tells us that residential estates are sensitive. People are emotionally connected to their house. If you have, for instance 500 apartments, doesn’t mean you have 500 clients, each member of the family is your individual client there, since every member has their own expectations. Talking about corporate buildings, Pradeep says that it is more structured. The parameters and the expectations are pre-set.

He tells us that none of them is easier or difficult. Both of them have their own expectations which they thrive to deliver successfully.

Pradeep’s core values

After telling us the three key milestones in his life, Pradeep moves to the next question out to him about the core values he believes in. He tells us that the top most value in his life is integrity. He further says that everyone should follow some basic ethics which you are grown up with and which you learn.

Pradeep’s advice to young managers starting out on their journeys

Pradeep is quite confident and positive about the younger generation which is entering the corporate world. He has mentored some individuals and sees them as the future of India. His advice to young individuals is Dare to Dream, Don’t Stop and Continue to be Inquisitive and Curious. Don’t be scared to ask questions and learn every day.


Pradeep Lala is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Embassy Services Pvt. Ltd. (ESPL) since 2013. ESPL was established in 1995 as the facility management arm of the Embassy Group – one of the largest realtors in the country. He brings over 3 decades of experience in various fields of business. 

In a short span of time, he has taken Embassy Services to become one of the largest business units within the Embassy Group. Additionally, under his leadership, Embassy Services has expanded its operations across all verticals of real estate and ensures business continuity to over 100 Mn Sft of space Pan India. 

He began his career at Ingersoll Rand – one of the world’s largest industrial manufacturing companies, where he worked for over 14 years. In early 2000, he founded the Horizon Group to become their distribution partner for the Indian region. Pradeep continues to par excellence with both firms that are renowned in their field. 


Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

Member of the Economic Times Indian Leadership Council

Member of Corenet Global India Chapter

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