Michelle Martin, Radio Host – “Your Money”

Michelle Martin, Radio Host – “Your Money”

Michelle Martin is a Radio Host, a TedX speaker, and a moderator. Michelle also hosts a finance show titled ‘Your Money’. Michelle says that it seems magical to her that she is actually making a living out of conversation.



People often judge and predict our professional life based on our personality when we are very young. We also choose our careers that suits our personality. In Michelle’s case, she contradicted her personality but ended up doing what she always wanted to. 

Michelle Martin is a Radio Host, a TedX speaker, and a moderator. Michelle also hosts a finance show titled ‘Your Money’.

In the conversation she tells us that she has worked for TV and Radio, but right now she is focusing on the business world and markets, personal finance management, entrepreneurship etc. She is working on sharing inspiring stories that might spark some positive change.

About Michelle Martin

Michelle says that it seems magical to her that she is actually making a living out of conversation. She tells us that she has been a quiet kid in her childhood, so it was ever more twisted reality for her that she is pouring her life energy into speaking. She used to spend her time reading and didn’t speak much, but now she spends her time behind the mic expressing herself. She believes that the universe has bigger plans for you than you have for yourself.

Michelle’s life as a Radio Host

Michelle tells us that she always loved words, so she was sure that she is going to make her career in uncovering meaning in some way or the other, she just couldn’t pinpoint anything. After some time, she discovered her love for journalism as she was always very curious and wanted to uncover the meaning of things. All these things eventually led her to become a Radio Host.

Role of Radio Jockeys in building a strong radio brand

Michelle believes that connecting over the airwaves requires an emotional quality. While building an audio brand, one should take care of many things like being clear in what they stand for, passion, substance, intonation etc. but at the heart of it, it is honesty.

How are traditional communication platforms adapting to other digital formats?

Michelle tells us that telling the same story on different platforms might look similar but in reality very different from each other. The organisations generally require the jockey to put all the hats on. However, she says that radio is still relevant in this digital era because people are still comforted by voice and will always be.

How does Michelle prepare for her shows?

Michelle tells us that people like her are always looking for a story. Whenever they are doing something and they see a random topic popping up which they find relevant and can bring up a story on it, they grab it and prepare it.

‘Your Money’

The show ‘Your Money’ is hosted by Michelle at 9 am everyday. The purpose of the show is to illuminate the relationship one has with money. Michelle there educates people about finance and different concepts of finance so that people can make better decisions related to investments and other expenses and do the optimum utilisation of their money.

More about Michelle Martin:

Michelle tells us that while she was four, she wanted to present her mother a box of threads. As she told her father that she wanted it, her father asked where she would get the money from. She considers this a milestone in her life that she had learned the lesson that one has to earn money at a very young age. 

She recalls that when she was 9, she wanted to join an athletic team of her school, but couldn’t make it. Encouraged by her mother she then participated in five races for her school’s sports day and won gold in each one of them. As a result, the next day the athletic head approached her and took her in the team. This is how she learnt that actions speak louder than words and considers this the second milestone in her life. 

Michelle tells us that recently she was invited to the Singapore Writers Festival to speak to an author, Elizabeth Gilbert, who she admires. There Elizabeth Gilbert appreciated her work and the efforts she put into it. She was really happy about that and considers it to be the third milestone she has achieved in her life.


She is an award-winning lead news anchor. With a background in journalism and current affairs, she’s notched 20 years of experience across multiple broadcast formats. Michelle has lead content creation, grown audiences and developed shows that have made national conversations. She hosts for stage, tv and radio. Michelle is a communication specialist with a demonstrated history of transforming complex topics into accessible content. A skilled interviewer on radio and TV she has seasoned editorial judgement and in-depth knowledge of newsroom protocols. She has strong network of contacts honed across more than a decade in “live” news and talkshow formats on Singapore national and private radio networks. Michelle has extensive voiceover experience, has won listener choice awards for her presenting and voice over work. She is adept at all aspects of developing and executing targeted content.

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