Mukundan Menon, President & COO, Blue Star Ltd, Cooling & Purification Appliances Group

Mukundan Menon, President & COO, Blue Star Ltd, Cooling & Purification Appliances Group

The Brand Called You brings you a tall leader from the air conditioning space- Mukundan Menon.



The Air Conditioning industry is growing with each passing year. What once used to be a luxury is now a necessity in modern society. With the heat and humidity increasing each summer, Indians are becoming more and more inclined towards purchasing air conditioners. In 2020, India saw a whopping market size of 7 million units of Air Conditioning. Today, The Brand Called You brings you a tall leader from the air conditioning space- Mukundan Menon.

About Mukundan:

Mukundan is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Blue Star Limited. He runs the cooling and purification appliances group. He is also the Vice President of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Manufacturers Association. He has a very vast experience in the field and showcases commendable management skills. 

In conversation with our host, Mukundan shares his professional journey with us. He talks about the changes in the Air Conditioning space over the years. 

About the Chinese Air Conditioning market:

Mukundan believes that the Chinese market is far ahead of India as of now. If the Indian market showcases 7 million units over a year, the Chinese market showcases 70 million units! This, he believes, is due to the early economic growth in China and the taxation policies. 

“From the demand side, what has happened is that air conditioners veen today attract a very high rate of GST(28%). This certainly suddenly has had a dampening effect on the growth of the industry. Since the middle class consumers still find the ownership cost of an AC challenging”

On building a successful brand:

Mukundan strongly believes that the power of a brand resides in the minds of the consumers. Winning the trust and confidence of the consumers is very essential. Mukundan describes how Blue Star has developed a strong and trustworthy consumer base over the decades. Mukundan also talks about the many steps the brand takes in order to be environmentally conscious and responsible. 

Mukundan strongly works with respect, integrity and humility as his core values!

Tune in to know more about Blue Star as a brand and the experience of Mukundan Menon as the inspiring COO!


Started my career with Blue Star in the Year 1984 as a Graduate Engineer Trainee in Kochi in the Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Projects Division handling the sales portfolio. After a 5-year stint there, moved to Hyderabad where I was handling a similar portfolio for Andhra Pradesh till 1994. In 1994 was given a full P&L responsibility for the newly carved out Packaged Air conditioning division covering sales, Engineering and Installation of this business. In 1996 moved to Mumbai as Regional head Western Region. In 1998 I took up an overseas assignment in Oman with an Al – Futtaim JV, OMASCO as country Sales Manager for their Air Conditioning Business representing Panasonic Brand. In 2005 I came back to India and joined Blue Star again in the Commercial Air Conditioning Business. In 2010 took over as Vice President of the Room AC business. Went on to handle the sales and Marketing of the Commercial Refrigeration and the commercial Air conditioning business. I have since grown up the corporate ladder to lead the Cooling & Purification appliances Group. 

Blue Star has given me the platform and Opportunity to learn and grow and diversify my professional skills. In this long career span and in my capacity as a business leader, I have had the opportunity to handle various product portfolios, multiple channels, and a varied marketing mix. 

As Vice President of RAMA, have had a great opportunity to lead the industry through a rather difficult phase of evolution, especially in the context of market challenges posed by the pandemic over the last two summers.

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