Nidhi Mahesh, Chief Storyteller and Founder, We-Storytellers

Nidhi Mahesh, Chief Storyteller and Founder, We-Storytellers

Technologies are not just scripts written in codes – they are stories of new discoveries and zeal for the new.



“Every person is unique and their voice unique”.

Ashutosh Garg converses with Nidhi Mahesh, Founder and Chief Storyteller, ‘We-storytellers’.

Nidhi talks about her early life and career- about how she started her career as a journalist. She tells stories about the early days of journalism and the experience working with the old-school media.

She shares the three milestones of her career. She talks about the transition from journalism to the world of marketing and how she managed to adapt. She explains what ‘We-storytellers’ is. She attempts to differentiate the meaning of news, storytelling, and business storytelling.

“Be passionate about reporting, not the report”- Nithi tells the aspiring journalists. She explains what makes someone a good writer. She emphasizes the importance of good structure and quality. She elucidates the significance of ‘reliability’ while reading.

She shares her remarks about Gen-Z and their habit of reading. She defines success in an inspiring way and tells where she draws inspiration from.


I am a passionate storyteller, technology enthusiast and zealous marketer. Technologies are not just scripts written in codes – they are stories of new discoveries and zeal for the new. The stories of staring the challenges in the eye and prevailing, despite odds. I look for the humane and pulsating life in the plethora of technical jargon. As you develop products and services, I dig for stories that the world is waiting to hear.
Storytelling is both art and science, the magic lies at their confluence – I am forever chasing that magic. Storytelling is also building structure and giving shape to your thoughts – the way you communicate with your teams, stakeholders and customers, reflects your persona. I am passionate about building a well planned and smoothly structured communication approach. You must be heard, and for that you must speak they way your listeners prefer. I help you bridge the gap – what you say and what your audience wants to hear must align. I also flirt with poetry and short fiction. My film “Aami” was the first of-the-children-for-the-children-by-the-children film in India, awarded best film in KFK film Festival Athens (2004). And, when I am not cooking words, you would find me in kitchen, getting high on aromas wafting from my wok!
I will be happy to help you with:

• Business Storytelling, Content Strategy and Content Development
• Storyboarding, Specialised Presentations, Keynotes
• Product Marketing
• Go to Market Planning and Marketing Communication Campaigns
• Change Communication Strategy
. Customer Engagement Strategies
• Employee Engagement Strategies

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