Nitin Seth, Author, Winning in the Digital Age & CEO, Incedo Inc.

Nitin is an accomplished industry leader with a unique combination of experiences as a Global Manager, Entrepreneur, and Management Consultant.



In the modern age of digitization, everything seems to be speeding by us ignited by the power of technology and IT. Digitization of the business world has led to the transformation of various industries.

An IITian from Delhi and an MBA holder from IIM Lucknow, Nitin Seth has a background in working with fantastic companies like McKinsey and Fidelity International. Nitin has been the COO of Flipkart and currently runs the company Incedo as their Chief Executive Officer. Nitin has also kick-started his own venture called Active Karma.

In this episode with our host Sandeep Tyagi, Nitin is in conversation about his new upcoming book about the opportunities and the reality of the digital age. Nitin shares his role in giant companies like McKinsey where he was responsible for building analytics and platform businesses. And at Fidelity, where he worked as a strategist and leader of digital transformation. Nitin’s career has coincided with the growth of the digital age and its different aspects. Nitin talks about how his book revolves around bringing practical and doable perspectives of the digital age together. Nitin also throws light on the changing fundamental rules of the business field and how big and small companies deal with it. He also speaks about the digital transformation of companies and the role of customer experience in the entire transformation. 

This interview is not only very helpful for individuals looking to work in the analytics and digital businesses but also gives us a wider perspective about digitally driven modern markets. 

Tune in to know more!


Nitin is an accomplished industry leader with a unique combination of experiences as a Global Manager, Entrepreneur, and Management Consultant. Nitin is the Chief Executive Officer of Incedo Inc, a high-growth Technology services firm focused on Digital Transformation and Analytics. Prior to Incedo, Nitin has held several top management positions. He was Chief Operating Officer of Flipkart, India’s largest ECommerce company; Managing Director and Country Head for Fidelity International in India, where he also led Global Offshore Operations and Business Strategy for Fidelity’s International business; and Director of McKinsey’s Global Knowledge Centre in India, where he developed much new knowledge and analytics-based capabilities that have had far-reaching industry impact.

Nitin has been elected twice to the NASSCOM Executive Council, was a Founder & Chairperson of NASSCOM’s Global Capability Centers (GCC) Council, and was the Chairperson of the NASSCOM Regional Council (NRC) in Haryana, India. He is an avid speaker in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, business transformation, technology, and spirituality, and writes a blog called “Nitin’s Fundas”.

Nitin holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, where he was awarded the Chairman’s Gold Medal for standing first in the MBA program, and a degree in engineering (B.Tech) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

He lives in New Jersey, the USA with his wife and three beautiful children.

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