Poornima Vardhan, Founder and CEO, 335TH

Poornima Vardhan, Founder and CEO, 335TH

Poornima Vardhan, Founder, and CEO, 335TH

Founder & CEO
April 2013 – Present
Modern Basics, Quality Fits



“We shouldn’t try and put ourselves in these frameworks that everyone pushes us into.”- Poornima Vardhan

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a conversation with Poornima Vardhan, Founder, and CEO- 335th Clothing. Poornima holds an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School (Joseph Wharton Scholar), including a Master’s Degree in Operational Research from The London School of Economics and an undergraduate degree in mathematics from St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi. She was an Ex- Wall Street Investment Banker. Being a finance and accounting expert, Poornima had absolutely no idea about the world of fashion. She started from the basics by researching in China on different kinds of fabrics that give shape to the body and flatter the silhouette.

Poornima reminisces about her early career and learning in life. She shares the success story of 335th, her startup in premium clothing. She inspires us by telling the tale of building a brand brick-by-brick. She talks about the challenges she encountered before entering the league of successful entrepreneurs.

“Building a brand is a long-term game”, says the young entrepreneur. She explains how 335th manages to stay relevant in the rapidly transforming textiles market. She analyzes the purchasing behavior of Indian consumers compared to the entirely different western culture.

Poornima shares insights about running a business in the tire-3 cities successfully. She elucidates how millennials are changing the fashion industry. The ex-Wall Street investment banker turned entrepreneur attempts to answer a long-debated question- when it comes to a startup, is it better to have a co-founder or is it better to go solo? She emphasizes the significance of staying true to one’s management style.

Poornima attempts to list the basic mistakes a lot of startup entrepreneurs make. She shares her experience about how she managed to tackle the first major failure in her life. Before concluding, she talks about gender balance meticulously from an intellectual perspective. 


335TH is a lifestyle brand that offers a unique mix of fashion, work and play for smart stylish individuals who know where they’re going, and can’t wait to get there. Day to night. Work to weekend. On or off duty. We are here for them – with everyday essentials that define fashion, quality, versatility, sophistication and modern style.

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