Shweta Dalmia, Founder and CEO, Climapreneur, Host, The Climapreneur Show

Shweta Dalmia, Founder and CEO, Climapreneur, Host, The Climapreneur Show

Shweta Dalmia, Founder and CEO, Climapreneur, Host, The Climapreneur Show

Did her undergraduate in Medical Biotechnology from Amity University, Noida. After that,  did a master’s in Climate Change from University College London.



America’s former President Barack Obama has said, “No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.” While it is true, there is a slight modification to it. The challenge of Climate Change is not just for the future generation, but also for the present generation. 

However, the hopeful part is that there is an increasing conversation and realization among people about the urgent need for Climate Action, and a lot of them are coming together to contribute their bit in solving the challenge.

Today, we have with Shweta Dalmia, founder of Climapreneur, an organization that shares stories of these incredible Climate Action torch-bearers who are coming up with unique ways to solve the challenge. Let’s listen to the need for Climate Action and some of these amazing examples. 

About Shweta Dalmia

Shweta Dalmia is the founder and CEO of Climapreneur and a podcaster who shares stories of Entrepreneurs driving Climate Action. The organization aims to inspire and educate people to be solution creators and amplifiers of the Climate Change problem. 


Shweta shows a deep sense of belief in the power of human beings who can drive Climate Action. Calling it a transdisciplinary field, she believes everyone can contribute to Climate Action in their unique ways. She says, “We need a diverse group of people coming together to work towards a common goal.”

She believes that we all have solutions and raises the need for solution creators, finders, and amplifiers. Shweta also calls Climate Change challenges “opportunities in disguise” which is making people think out of the box to come up with unique solutions in their professions. She also shares some interesting examples of such people.

Shweta feels that nature can restore without humans trying to fix it. She says, “Nature told us that a clear sky in Delhi is possible.” 

Politics & Climate Change

Further, she also discusses her views on Climate Change and politics. Though she agrees on the role of politics in Climate Change, but strongly feels it to be just one element of it. She says, “Looking forward, we all imperfectly come together to do something. When we look around, policies now are changing. We can’t ignore the things that are going right.”

Shweta agrees to hold the government accountable but doesn’t believe in sitting idle and doing nothing about Climate Change. She urges us to understand the difference between blame game and accountability.  

Power of Individuals

Shweta shows her belief in the power of human beings. She says, “Climate Action is not about doing technical things in the lab. It is about things like gardening with your parents, which is both therapeutic and teaches living mindfully.” 

She believes in living a mindful life, which makes one feel fuller. Shweta gives COVID lockdown as an example of how it taught people to live on limited resources.

She ends the conversation by showing hope for a better future and urging people to discover their potential. 


I did my undergraduate in Medical Biotechnology from Amity University, Noida. After that I did my masters in Climate Change from University College London. After my post graduation, I came to back to India and started Climapreneur. Climapreneur is recognised as a startup by Govt. of India. I started Climapreneur in Jan 2020. I have always felt that Climate Action challenges are opportunities in disguise. I personally believe Climate Action Stories are a very powerful tool to drive climate action. With my experience, I have felt that climate action is beautiful. it is something which can help us to lead a life that’s meaningful. A life with purpose. Being a solution bearer is a beautiful thing. A lot of people, especially youth, want to create climate solutions. The Climapreneur Show is a platform for them that walks them through the journey of other Climapreneurs, how they turned challenges into opportunities, and their motivation. With the Show, we want people to realise that we all can be a contribution in our unique ways. We all can follow our passion and incorporate Climate Action into it. Imagine what a revolution it will be. Together we can drive climate action. 

Till now we have had people from around the world, from the founder of Boston’s first zero waste shop, to Anuradha the Co-founder of The Better India and The Better Home to Dr. Richard from UNEP, to a social media expert helping people grow through the power of social media, to people in sustainable fashion, people creating eco friendly market places. 

We strongly believe that a better future doesn’t happen automatically. Don’t just imagine but create. Creating a better future will need working together focusing on an integrative approach. Climate action is transdisciplinary, just like the passion and skills of millions around. An architect, a designer, a chef, a farmer, a musician, and many more professions can contribute towards a green economy. All these professions are like bricks that form the wall of the economy. Every profession can drive climate action. We need an economy like this where we don’t choose going green as an option rather going green is the default. With Climapreneur, we have always tried to weave conversations around how climate change is an opportunity. More diverse skills, more diverse passions all working towards a common goal. Imagine the kind of impact we will have. This wouldn’t happen automatically. We need to work towards it. We need more meaningful dialogues oriented towards understanding problems and working together to find solutions. There is no better time than now. Today we have got so many examples of people leading the way towards meaningful climate action in so many amazing ways. They are truly inspiring and indeed the kind of legacy they are creating is beautiful.  

The Climapreneur Show is not just a podcast, but something that carries with it my heart and soul. A choice that isn’t easy, a path that isnt easy but a choice that I will make over and over again, you know why because I know the power and beauty of Climate Action. Climapreneur carries with it the hard work, the dreams and the struggles of many.

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