Saloni Suri, Neuro Coach, Trainer, Author, Speaker, Mindfulness Teacher

Saloni Suri, Neuro Coach, Trainer, Author, Speaker, Mindfulness Teacher

Saloni Suri, Neuro Coach, Trainer, Author, Speaker, Mindfulness Teacher

Uses neuroscience-based models of change merged with spiritual wisdom to help rewire minds



A famous neuroscientist has said, “The brain is a monstrous, beautiful mess. Its billions of nerve cells-called neurons – lie in a tangled web that displays cognitive powers far exceeding any of the silicon machines we have built so far.” Our brain has the power to tap the hidden potential that lies within all of us. Here, comes the role of neuro coaches who help us understand the mechanism of brain functioning enabling us to follow certain rules and processes that will eventually greet us with results beyond our imagination.

Today, we have Saloni Suri, a self-taught neuro-coach who takes us through the potential of neuroscience and the beauty of brain functioning.

About Saloni Suri

Saloni Suri is a neuro coach, trainer, author, speaker, and mindfulness teacher. She uses the neuroscience model of change, which merges with spiritual wisdom to help rewrite minds. Certified energy medicine and meditation teacher, she has dedicated her life to transforming people’s lives.


Saloni started her neuro-coaching profession at 48. She recalls the experiences that made her take the decision. She calls herself a self-taught coach and has been studying for the last 20-25 years.

Saloni talks about her work, stating that he teaches people how the brain works. She says, “Brain has a specific language that the subconscious mind understands & 90 percent of power is with subconscious minds. If you work and think according to these norms, you will get easier and faster results”.

She elaborates on the importance of surrendering, stating that actions are in our control and not the outcome. She says, “You need to learn to surrender because that is the magic of living and seizing the present. Learn to let go and be confident that the next step will reveal itself to you.”

Four C Programmes

Saloni elaborates on the key four C programs that help shape our minds.

  • COMMUNICATION: The only tool available to leaders to engage with their stakeholders and customers. 
  • CLARITY: When a brand can communicate what it stands for, who it is, what is the problem that it is solving in the lives of others, your brand communication becomes clear. 
  • CHANGE: Change is the only constant. Our job is to push ourselves to live, breathe and learn outside the comfort zone. 
  • CULTURE: People work for people, and culture is the glue that binds people together.

She talks further about the mechanism of creating a culture in a startup that needs to start right at the top, and the leaders need to show it with example.

More About Saloni

She discusses her key learnings from ancient Indian coach, Chanakya: overcoming fear, specificity of goals, and importance of actions.

Saloni further talks about her books and failures too.



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