Ritu Goyal, MD, Ease India Travel & Chairperson RJGH Sukhodarka LLP

Ritu Goyal, MD, Ease India Travel & Chairperson RJGH Sukhodarka LLP

Ritu Goyal, MD, Ease India Travel & Chairperson RJGH Sukhodarka LLP

Ritu Goyal is the Managing Director of Ease India Travel. She has been working extensively on making your travelling experience the best one! 



“The only way to rise to the challenge is to tweak your business model.”

Ritu Goyal from the travel and hospitality industry talks to us today about the evolution of travel over the last 10-15 years and her travel company “Ease India Travel” which is helping bring this change in the industry. 

Ritu is the Managing Director of Ease India Travel and the Chairperson of Sukhodarka LLP. A freelance journalist and writer, Ritu decided to change her career when most people think about slowing down, she became an entrepreneur at the age of 43! Her journey is as incredible as the work she does. Ritu started her travel blog called ‘Ease India Travel’ which facilitated, as the name suggests, easier travel by telling travelers what to do and what things one should avoid on their trips, this blog became her company in 2017 and the rest is history!

Ease India Travel Company is spreading happiness all over the country! It’s a self-funded company, Ritu talks to us about how the pandemic affected her young startup and how she came out of it with the constant support of her clients and building honest connections with them. She tells us that her company plans the trips to only the places she herself has explored extensively, that is the USP of Ease India Travel, it promises you great experiences which are not popular yet on the internet. 

Ritu then answers our questions on how she manages to customize the group trips, despite the age and other factors of individuals traveling with her. She tells us that her company takes care of the aged by planning another activity for them whilst the younger of the group are doing something the older can’t participate in. The thoughtfulness and inclusivity of Ritu’s company separate her from its competitors.

Ritu opines that social media is the key to make businesses successful in today’s world, she tells us that today’s customers are woke and want the best for themselves, hence if you build a good social media, you’ll probably have better chances of succeeding at your business. She advises the young individuals who are starting up their companies to learn Finance before they jump into entrepreneurship. 

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After 17 years as a journalist, I am currently reinventing myself as a travelpreneur of Ease India Travel. The tours we organise are quirky, unusual, exciting and fun. That’s because they are the results of my personal explorations. I am a confirmed travel junkie, trekker, adventure-seeker, investigative journalist, former lecturer in Pune’s Symbiosis University, and mother of two teenagers! So essentially, Ease India Travel offers holidays to locations/ destinations explored by me with the intention of bringing my guests the best ‘experiences’ that they can get. What set our packages apart are the personal touches and the offbeat experiences. Currently we offer holidays to Bhutan, Bahrain, Bastar, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Hampi, Kerala, Coorg & Chikmagalur, Ladakh and Sikkim.

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