Ritu Sharma, Co-Founder, The Wedding Deck

Ritu Sharma, Co-Founder, The Wedding Deck

Ritu Sharma is the co-founder of The Wedding Deck with 25 years of illustrious experience in various industries.  



Indian wedding industry currently values at a whopping $50 Billion. Each day thousands of people are getting married in India, the number is even higher during some Hindu saayas. Hence, it is a market that will never cease to grow. Apart from the business point of view, Indian weddings are nothing short of festivals, from delectable delicacies from around the world to glittery ambiance. It is a huge occasion when two families get together for a few days and celebrate love and marriage. So what goes into planning a Big Fat Indian Wedding? Today we bring you the best wedding planner in town and the co-founder of The Wedding Deck, Ritu Sharma who takes us through the beautiful process of planning a wedding.

Ritu has had a professional experience of 25 years from working in many different industries. Her passion for travel led her to Geneva. Then she moved on to the Kanoo Group in Dubai and worked there for 2 years. She has since worked in the hospitality and travel industries. Her interest in crafting and design led her to co-found her business The Wedding Deck. 

“I have to create happiness into the lives of people entering into a new life.”

About The Wedding Deck

The Wedding Deck is unleashing joy on their clients by giving them the weddings of their dream. They take care of everything from costing, planning, decor, family reunions. They conceptualize your dream wedding and make it a reality. Led by four talented women, The Wedding Deck plans weddings and social events in the country and overseas with their motto: “Eighty percent of planning and twenty percent of execution.”

How to plan a wedding?

Ritu shares in detail how they plan a wedding. Their tasks are divided into seven segments similar to the seven pheras of a traditional Hindu ceremony. Ritu talks about how they plan destination weddings and shares how destination weddings are much simpler to plan than the ones in the country. From managing hotels and travel logistics, everything is done beforehand with the help of technology.

In the interview, Ritu talks about how millennials are changing the wedding planning process and making it much easier and smoother by simply accepting everything around them. Ritu’s infectious zest for wedding planning and overall life will make you fall in love with her. Tune in and learn more about her!


Travel always fascinated me, so post my graduation I did my IATA from Geneva. Working career started with the Kanoo Group in Dubai, after 2 years moved back to India and joined Malaysia Airlines. I then joined of one the leading travel agencies of the time “Trade wings”  handling accounts like BCCI and many High Commissions and Embassies. 

My interest was to explore the world and I got an opportunity to join the outbound division of Cox and Kings, moved to P&O Cruises (the world’s finest cruise liner), and then to head the Product Development at International Travel House for Outbound and Weddings. Its been a working mode journey of 25 years.

In 2015 we started  MIKE Hospitality a professional conference organizer for Scientific and non-scientific conferences. 

My interest has always been on the creative side I wanted to craft, design, decorate, use flowers, create celebrations. I realized I wanted to continue and explore the future of weddings and social events. 

So four of us started an all-women venture and named it The Wedding Deck to ensure that we provide a new dimension to the wedding business. 

Whether costing, planning, décor, family reunions we stand apart from others as our expertise lies in managing hotels, travel logistics, executing large-size exhibitions in India and Overseas, and conceptualizing social events.

I think I was cut for this only –  I live each wedding with the same enthusiasm, zest and excitement as if my very first assignment.

Each wedding is A new beginning, with the ceremonies to be cherished and remembered with a smile always

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