Sateesh Jadhav, President, R Y Gaitonde and Co.


Ashutosh Garg engages in a gripping conversation with Sateesh Jadhav, a tannery engineer from ‘Leeds University, England’, and the president of ‘R.Y. Gaitonde and Co.’, one of the biggest leather exporter, manufacturer, and exporter in India.

Gaitonde and Co faced a grave challenge in 1994. The focus of the leather industry got shifted to China. From how the company addressed a major dilemma like this to how the leather industry works- Sateesh talks about his rich experiences in life. He elucidates the adaptive measures in business according to the preferences of the new generation.

“Everyone who moves is using shoes or some kind of leather. That’s how important the leather industry is.”- Sateesh Jadhav

Through his humorous yet informative remarks, Sateesh explains what a company should do to stay on the top. He believes providing room for innovation helps businesses succeed.


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