RJ Singh | Ultra-Endurance Athlete

RJ Singh | Ultra-Endurance Athlete

  • RJ Singh is a corporate and an ultra endurance athlete.
  • He is a family man dedicated to the pursuit of self-mastery.



There are often times in our life when either we are directionless or aren’t vivid about what we want from our life. Such ignorance about ourselves has the potential to lead us to the dark side of the world. However, it is in the human power to bring oneself back to the right path in life. What is needed is analysis of body, mind and spirit. In today’s episode, we discuss the inspirational transformation of Mr. RJ Singh from the world of alcohol and drugs to the fit athlete he has become today. 

[00:41] – About RJ Singh

  • RJ Singh is a corporate and an ultra endurance athlete.
  • He is a family man dedicated to the pursuit of self-mastery.

[07:1] – Take me through your journey of when you had this realization you stopped drinking. What did you do to get back into your natural place of being a great sports person and starting to develop very positive ultra habits?

  • I’m athletic by nature, so I started to run excessively.
  • My workspace held a wide space for me with a lot of psychological safety and my energy and output was profound. 
  • I realized that when I got sober, this energy which was so profound and was hard for me to manage was going to be my superpower.
  • I had a sense for it, but I didn’t know how I would temper and channel it, so I started to exercise and run.
  • I immersed myself in commerce, and I was very good at it. I understood how to read people, the nuances of stakeholder management, how to manage risk, how to sell. 
  • I started to notice that the people around me were all really educated, they were students of business and I started to realize I might just be a sales guy forever, and I didn’t want to do that, and I started to orientate myself to continuous Improvement, so I went to an Executive MBA in Australia’s toughest program.
  • I started to develop this philosophy of mind-body-spirit evolution like an inside out approach. For me, business wasn’t about becoming super rich or successful, it was a means of transforming myself.

[11:39] – How do you define the term “ultra habits?”

  • There is no habit that in itself is ultra.
  • It is when we are consistent with our habits.
  • If we stack habits and good habits across the day, across our life it results in an ultra outcome and that can look like anything for the individual in terms of whatever their purpose and target or direction or aim is.
  •  It’s about effectively integrating the right habits that work well within your life that enable an ultra outcome.


You can connect with Mr. RJ Singh – LinkedIn

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  • RJ Singh is a corporate and an ultra endurance athlete.
  • He is a family man dedicated to the pursuit of self-mastery.

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