Shantanu Khosla, MD, Crompton Greaves Electricals Ltd; Former MD Procter & Gamble, India

Mr. Shantanu Khosla is Managing Director of Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd [CGCEL].  



The Brand Called You brings you another inspirational story. This time of a senior corporate professional, Shantanu Khosla. Shantanu is the Managing Director and CEO of Crompton Greaves Electricals Ltd. He is also the former Managing Director and CEO of Procter and Gamble, India. In this interview with host Ashutosh Garg, Shantanu shares his professional journey and the many experiences he has gained on the way. He takes us through the nitty-gritty of building a successful FMCG brand and the changes that have taken place in the corporate world with speedy digital transformations. 

“Never think that because you succeeded yesterday, you have a divine right to succeed”


FMCG- Fast Moving Consumer Goods are high-selling durable goods that are available at relatively low costs. Mr. Shantanu Khosla is a corporate professional who leads in working with FMCG brands. Shantanu shares the foundation of building a successful FMCG brand, is that it should make the consumers’ life easier. He also shares that having innovation, awareness and operational capabilities are very important aspects of a successful brand. Shantanu strongly suggests that brands should bring the consumer into the company and be closer to the consumer than anyone else! He throws light on the communication process becoming a two-way road on the onset of digitization. The leading FMCG products in India have been at the forefront for the past many decades now. Shantanu believes that the reason for this is that these leading brands are doing their jobs right. 

His work style:

Shantanu believes in working towards the collective benefit of the people. And, ‘delegating everything except accountability’  is a principle he lives by. His leadership style is entirely people-centric. Shantanu believes that one should have fun in the job they’re doing and do it with utmost focus.


Mr. Shantanu Khosla is Managing Director of Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd [CGCEL]. Mr.Khosla joined Crompton Greaves in July 2015. Mr. Khosla brings with him a rich experience of managing consumer business across markets, product categories, functions, geographies, and cultures. Prior to joining Crompton, Mr. Shantanu Khosla served as the MD & CEO of Procter & Gamble India. Having served in multiple roles and several stints abroad, Mr. Khosla made the revenue grow 15 folds in 13 years, making P&G one of the fastest-growing consumer companies in India. Mr. Shantanu Khosla studied B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering at renowned IIT Mumbai (batch of 1981) followed by Masters in Business Administration from IIM Calcutta in 1983. Mr. Khosla strongly believes in just a simple, three-pronged mantra, “build the business, foster leaders, and grow sustainability.”

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