Superna Yamuna Chopra, Wellbeing Coach and Yoga Therapist

Superna Yamuna Chopra, Wellbeing Coach and Yoga Therapist

The Brand Called You welcomes the very accomplished Superna Yamuna Chopra on the podcast today. Superna is a well being coach. She is a yoga therapist and before taking this avatar she was a senior advertising professional with JWT for almost 18 years!



The Brand Called You welcomes the very accomplished Superna Yamuna Chopra on the podcast today. Superna is a well being coach. She is a yoga therapist and before taking this avatar she was a senior advertising professional with JWT for almost 18 years!

In conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg, Superna shares her professional and spiritual journey with us. After an incredible career in the advertising industry, Superna reached a point where she wanted to explore the greater purpose of her existence. She describes her epiphany as a divine discontent. 

She strongly believes that most of her life has been divinely orchestrated and never strictly planned. In order to find her true self, Superna set out on a journey to look for inner peace and balance. She started practicing yoga without any plans of becoming a teacher or a coach. Her experience at the ashram greatly changed her perspective. 

Superna shares her experience of living a very simple life at the yoga ashram. She explains that yoga is not just about body movement, it is about the balance of the mind, body as well as one’s spirituality. 

She further talks about her role as a wellbeing coach. She shares that her job is to help people realise their inner voices that can guide them better than anyone else. Superna also talks about the many challenges that individuals are facing due to the pandemic.

Her life is guided by the values of authenticity, kindness and self worth! 

Tune in to the full episode to know more about Superna and transformational journey.


( Wellbeing and Life Coach, Heal your Life workshop leader and Yoga Therapist)

I like to think of myself as the eternal seeker, the eternal student of life. I teach what I need to learn myself. I teach yoga and I teach people to love themselves just the way they are. I try to teach people that they are the master of their minds and thoughts and not their slave!  As a Life Coach I empower people to access their own inner wisdom…their own internal GPS to navigate life ). I have been on this path now for 15 years, sharing with people what I have been sent on this earth to share!

I lived a life on the fast track for about 18 years in corporate life…  I had a successful career in advertising in a large multinational advertising  company. Position, power and perks…. I revelled in them. Had everything yet there was this aching and empty feeling that something was missing! My relationships were a mess. I constantly worried. Felt always stressed out. My work and personal life always seemed out of balance. I yearned for a more wholesome life. I was in this state of what I call “divine discontent ” for a few years before mustering the courage to give up a lucrative career with all its frills and fancies and venturing into the unknown. Really feeling the fear and doing it anyway! I listened to the persistent nudges of my heart and allowed them to guide me to an unknown place with the trust that I was being led to just the right place for me!

What followed was a wonderful phase of awakening and self discovery. Suddenly many doors opened leading me to my life purpose, to my true calling. I stumbled onto yoga out of curiosity. From being an enthusiastic yoga practitioner I took the next big step and got certified as a Yoga teacher from the world renowned international Sivananda yoga Vedanta ashram in  Kerala. At about the same time, I encountered  the simple and powerful philosophy of the metaphysical teacher and author  Louise  Hay and started studying and practicing it, and had experienced  many manifestations of my affirmations. I learnt the power  of the mind to heal the body!

I had the good fortune to study under some great teachers and masters during this rich phase of growth and transformation. I did a lot of ” inner work” on myself with all the spiritual practices and tools I was exposed to. And managed to heal and transform my life in every area….relationships,  health,  work and prosperity. Ofcourse healing and transformation is not a destination.It is an ongoing journey And we constantly work on ourselves on a daily basis. My inner work is an ongoing practice. I need to detox on a daily basis-physcially, mentally and emotionally. So that I can walk my talk and empower others along the way.

I got certified as a licensed Heal your Life workshop leader in the UK in 2011 to teach this philosophy in India and help many more people to experience and benefit from this wonderful work. I have been actively leading the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshops not just in India but also in other Asian countries like Thailand. To add to my offerings I got certified as a Heal Your Life coach in 2015 so I could do some deeper one on one coaching on life skills. I am currently undergoing another very intensive 8 month certification Holistic Life Coach programme with the world acclaimed author and teacher- Alan Cohen.

As a Well Being and Life Coach, I empower people to access their own divine wisdom and navigate all of life’s challenges with ease and grace. I conduct one on one coaching sessions with a wide variety and profiles of clients.  On a one – on- one coaching format, you can actually impact coachees at a deep level and can actually witness and track their growth and transformation.

I  have been actively teaching yoga in Delhi and Gurgaon now for almost a decade. I am now a teachers teacher in the Sivananda system and have taught international teachers training courses in India and abroad. I wake up each morning with a heart filled with gratitude and joy at doing work and service that I love to do! It is a blessing indeed to be given this opportunity to share these spiritual practices with others and see their lives transform and blossom.

I ask myself every now and then “How else may I serve”? Who knows how else I will be able to impact other people’s lives in the future? But for now I love what I do and I do it with a sense of joy and service. I think of myself as an instrument as a vehicle for this divine work. And I surrender my work to God and my Masters. 

All is well in my world!

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