Susan Josi, Managing Partner, Havas Life Sorento

Susan Josi, Managing Partner, Havas Life Sorento.

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a conversation with Susan Josi, Managing Partner of Havas Life Sorento.



In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a conversation with Susan Josi, Managing Partner of Havas Life Sorento.

Susan shares with us the three key milestones in her professional life. She talks about her smooth career transition from pharmacy to entrepreneurship. Susan tells the story of leaving a steady job to start her own company.

Susan defines her success mantra. She explains the working of her company, Havas Life Sorento. As someone who knows the industry well, Susan tells what it takes to build a successful healthcare brand.  

Susan explains how marketing works in the pharmaceutical industry. Before concluding, she gives a valuable advice to the young pharmacists out there.


Susan Josi

Managing Partner

Havas Life Sorento


“In my childhood I had a tough time coloring within the defined lines for which I was always punished. Though it was tough then, it almost became part of my life’s philosophy to color outside the lines and create a different picture. So be it managing business or for that matter addressing client briefs, this mantra remains deeply ingrained”


At a time when brand managers were writing their own copy and visualizing their detailer layouts, almost 25 years ago in 1994 , Susan moved out of her comfort zone to co-found a healthcare communication agency  , which was a pioneering effort at that time in India . 

Sorento Healthcare Communications was born out of that passion for creating some meaningful brands in the health and wellness domain and is now part of the global agency Havas and rebranded as Havas Life Sorento . 

She has more than 35 years of rich experience in the Health & Wellness domain and was earlier the Executive Director of Ogilvy Healthcare (a division of Ogilvy and Mather).

A postgraduate in Pharmacy (UDCT), she has also won the best woman entrepreneur award from the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce.

She was   a UNIDO scholar from India at the University of Ghent – Belgium

She was also awarded as the Distinguished Entrepreneur 2015, by her alma mater , Institute of Chemical Technology.

With her special interests in Pharma, Consumer Healthcare and  Social  Marketing  Initiatives, she has facilitated many in-house workshops and conferences in India and globally. This year she also delivered her first TedX talk in front of distinguished scientists and students from ICT-India.

Insightful and surprising personal information

An avid organic farmer who indigenously grows all food ingredients needed at home and also for friends and families . 

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