Suzy S. Kanoo, CEO & President, Khalil bin Ebrahim Kanoo Group

Suzy S. Kanoo is the President and CEO of Khalil bin Ebrahim Kanoo Group and she is the first woman CEO in her family business.  



Women around the world have a history of oppression at the hands of patriarchy. Things are looking up for a better tomorrow because of the awareness that has come with the new generation. Today on our show we bring you an entrepreneur and author from Bahrain, Suzy S Kanoo in conversation with host Ashutosh Garg about the change in the situation of women in Saudi Arabia and how she is inspiring the women in her country. 

Suzy is the President and CEO of Khalil bin Ebrahim Kanoo Group and she is the first woman CEO in her family business. She has achieved great success in the business world and she is here to share her journey of the literary world that she chose to be in. Suzy comes from a family of entrepreneurs and businessmen, but when given the opportunity to write about something, she chose to write the stories of women in her part of the world. 

Her book, “Hear Us Speak” is an honest and bold account of middle eastern women who are leaders, wives, daughters, entrepreneurs, who faced challenges in life and rose to great heights in spite of that. Suzy opines why women choose to stay silent and what has changed for the new generation that takes no oppression. She raises many important discussions around women with her book, be it polygamy in Islam, inequality at workplaces, and more, and tells people to respect women’s minds. The fight for equality of women is still on and will be until they get what they want. 

Suzy talks about the positive changes that are happening in the Saudi Arabian society for women and shares how laws are made easily but their implementation is hard. She brings forward the grave issues faced by women in her world and shares how they have a choice now. And Suzy is helping women realize that they have a choice! According to her, it all comes down to how a family is supporting their daughter and if they are raising her to speak for herself. 

She encourages the women to believe in themselves and what they stand for and to erase the self-doubt because there is nothing that they cannot achieve. Tune in to get inspired!


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