Swathy Rohit, Founder & CEO, Health Basix

Swathy Rohit, Founder and CEO, Health Basix.


Swathy is an extremely talented entrepreneur and a social sector worker. She is the Founder and CEO of Health Basix, a paediatric health platform.



“The biggest thing that I’ve had to overcome is the fear of failure!”

The Brand Called You welcomes Swathy Rohit on the podcast today. Swathy is an extremely talented entrepreneur and a social sector worker. She is the Founder and CEO of Health Basix, a paediatric health platform. Swathy is also the Chief Operating Officer of the SNR trust and the previous Chair of the Fiki Ladies Organisation. Swathy is also a member of the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO). 

In conversation with host Ashutosh Garg, Swathy talks about her venture Health Basix, a health clinic focused on child health and support. She shares the reasons for venturing into the health industry and talks about the declining health of kids. Swathy throws light on the growing irresponsibility of parents and the increasing impact of technology and its influence on kids. Through her clinics, Swathy and her team make sure that the clients receive the right resources and help. Swathy also throws light on the increasing mental health issues faced by the kids as young as the age of 10! Her work in the SNR trust and the education industry is also discussed in the latter part of the interview. He views are balanced and change driven!

Tune in to the full episode to learn more about the amazing work that Swathy does! 

About Health Basix:

Health Basix is a digital healthcare and pediatric platform. Keeping in mind the digital age and the amount of time kids spend on the internet, Swathy and her team did some research around child health and it’s connection with growing technology. The shocking statistics gave rise to an urgent need to set up something that could grab the attention of parents to help their kids. This led to Health Basix, a clinic that carries out a holistic health evaluation of children to point out their strengths and weaknesses. Health Basix also connects their clients to the right resources where they can get the right help. 


Swathy Rohit is the founder CEO of Health Basix a pediatric healthcare platform . 

A brief not in Health Basix 

Health Basix


  •      1 in 5 kids is pre-diabetic (WEF-Harvard study)
  • 12.5-33% incidence in mental health among children (highest in urban Tamil Nadu)
  • 96% of parents feel uncomfortable discussing the mental health problems of their children with friends & family
  • 99.9% of private schools do not have in-school clinics 




Pediatric Healthcare Delivery is

Fragmented :

Many children’s health conditions, particularly infectious and mental health problems, are acknowledged only after they produce serious adverse consequences, such as academic failure, or school violence. This Band-Aid approach makes it hard to develop a coherent strategy for preventing children’s health problems. 

and Uncoordinated:

For kids, fragmentation in care coordination poses significant risks to their health. For healthcare organizations, fragmentation in care results in higher costs. Patients and healthcare organizations can all benefit from a synced system of care.


Solution: A Digital Pediatric Healthcare Platform

Starting as an In-School healthcare provider, we offer a collaborative approach to managing children’s health. 

Health Basix helps parents with a free to download app to maintain the child’s health record, book a doctor/hospital appointment, consult doctors virtually and a membership card to access preferential pricing of up to 30% off on their healthcare needs at hospitals, diagnostic labs and pharmacies.

At Schools we provide a unified health record, the ability to run school health programs efficiently & safely and access to emergency health services. We use data from in-school clinics to drive better health outcomes across the full continuum of care.

Health Basix serves as a convenient “front door” that connects kids to the healthcare they need—from on-demand visits with licensed doctors to complex case consultations with the top specialists including hospitalization.

She is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Virginia. 

Swathy Rohit is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SNR Sons Trust . The Trust was found in the year 1970 and till date has the following institutions under its banner and runs the renowned 1000 bed NABH accredited Sri Ramakrishna hospital and

  •  Sri Ramakrishna Dental College and Hospital
  •  Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College
  •  Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology
  •  Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts & Science for Women
  •  Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Paramedical Science
  •  Sri Ramakrishna Polytechnic College
  •  Sri Ramakrishna Rural Health Center
  •  Sri Ramakrishna Matriculation and CBSE schools

Mrs. Swathy is the founder ex. CEO of SchoolBasix a platform that simplifies back to school buying. She is also the Director of Coimbatore Polytex Private Limited, which was established in the year 2003.

She worked at Premier Spinning and Weaving Mills Private Limited – a vertically integrated manufacturer of apparel fabric.  She is a past chair of FICCI Ladies Organization – Coimbatore Chapter, Young Indians (2014-15)- Coimbatore Chapter .

At Young Indians she launched a national initiative the Gift An Organ program in 42 cities and also set a Guiness Record for the maximum number of signups in an 8 hour period. In addition to FLO, Young Indians, Native Angels Network.

Swathy is also part of the Young Presidents Organization(YPO) and Crafts Council of Tamil Nadu. Launched Think Equal (an international program )a program for gender equality at 65 government schools in Coimbatore .

Swathy is a sports enthusiast and she is a handson mother to her 15 year old son Rana.

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