The banking sector is one of the largest institutions in the world. It contributes greatly to the world economy and is a highly preferred working sector in most countries.

The Brand Called You brings a professional from the field of banking and private equity, Paul Haggis is in conversation with Ashutosh Garg about the revolution of the finance and banking sectors. His experience in corporate governance is vast and he has some very insightful discussions for the listeners!

Paul begins by talking about the three key milestones of his life. He engages in a very interesting conversation with Ashutosh with respect to the changes that have taken place in the banking sector over the past few decades. He speaks about the digital transformation and revolution of the finance industry and how it has affected the ways in which it functions.

Paul talks about the private equity sectors and gives some key suggestions with respect to making investments. With abundant experience in corporate governance and banking, Paul speaks in detail about the role of technology in banking. And how it has made the expense ratio cheaper.

Paul believes in leading an honest life with integrity and tenacity!

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