On today’s motivational episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us Tiffany Brar, a visually impaired Social Entrepreneur and Social Activist! Tiffany is the Founder of the Jyotirgamaya Foundation. She is a highly recognized and awarded individual. She is adventurous and thoroughly inspiring!

In this conversation, Tiffany talks about her life and the three key milestones that define her journey. She shares with us the discrimination that she has faced due to her visual impairment. Tiffany describes the work that is done at the Jyotirgamaya Foundation and the impact of her work. She also shares personal stories of people she has helped and their transformations.

Ashutosh and Tiffany converse about the attitude of people towards persons with impairment and how inclusiveness is the need of the hour.  They talk about the importance of technology and accessibility with respect to disabled people. Tiffany also shares her love for adventures.

“People with disability need empathy, not sympathy.”

Tune in to The Brand Called You for similar and more success stories!

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