On today’s episode of The Brand Called You we have with us a guest from Israel, Dr. Amir Kfir. Amir is the CEO and Founder of the Amirror Group Organizational Development. He’s an organizational consultant and management change leader. Amir does extensive work with the YPO and its members.

This interview is a very good mixture of interesting discussions and anecdotes. Amir begins by sharing the three key milestones of his life. He shares his journey from serving in the military into consultancy and finally into forums. He talks about developing empathy towards other people by participating in forums and putting oneself in the shoe of another. Amir believes that through discussion,  forum participants essentially end up having each other’s back and helping one another solve issues. He talks about the very interesting concept of ‘tough love’.

Ashutosh and Amir further discuss conflict resolution and experiential learning. Amir also enlightens the audience with key qualities that he thinks a CEO must possess.

“Mistakes are actually an amazing opportunity to build resilience to learn more”- Dr. Amir Kfir

His success mantra is inspiring and he strongly promotes learning from one’s mistakes. Amir’s insights are experience-oriented and extremely motivating.

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