Dr Rajiv Mathur, MD, The Fuel Delivery

Dr Rajiv Mathur, MD, The Fuel Delivery

Dr. Rajiv Mathur, MD, The Fuel Delivery

A seasoned professional with 30 years of work experience in Business Management & Operations, Technology Solutions, Brand Building, Security, and Emergency Response.



The pandemic has turned the world upside down. Everything is being altered to comply with the lockdown requirements. Our groceries are being delivered at the doorstep and we are working at the comfort of our homes. Every service has altered itself to suit the at-home environment. 

About Rajiv:

Today on TBCY we bring you a special guest who kick started his unique business to deliver fuel at your doorstep! pleased to welcome Dr. Rajiv Mathur on the podcast.

Rajiv is the Managing Director of The Fuel Delivery, an on-demand fuel delivery service. He’s also a talk show host of a show titled ‘Jaane Anjaane’. In this very interesting discussion with our host, Rajiv shares the story of his startup and how he has made high quality fuel more accessible 

About ‘The Fuel Delivery’ :

With almost everything being delivered at our doorsteps, Raajiv believed that the pandemic was a great opportunity to fulfil the on demand needs of fuel consumers. Since petrol is highly inflammable and dangerous, The Fuel Delivery owes to the diesel needs of the people/companies. The motive was to deliver diesel for equipment that cannot reach the petrol stations. It is a B2B venture that focuses on a higher reach and accessibility of fuel. 

The business deals directly with oil depots and assures the best quality and quantity of the fuel they provide. The convenience of getting such high quality diesel is a major USP of the venture.

“Few of the businesses that we are delivering diesel to have confirmed to us that their equipment has started performing better than before, because oil is very pure. We are a very technology oriented organization.”

Convenience, Compliance and Cost Benefit are the three strong pillars on which the organisation stands. The fuel can be ordered on the app, on mail or through a call on a toll free number!


Ashutosh and Rajiv discuss the horrors of fuel adulteration. Mixing water and other substances in fuel is not only unfair but also dangerous sometimes. 

“So intentionally or unintentionally, Adulteration is happening while there is a transaction.Fuel comes from the depot to the petrol station. From petrol station to the canister- to the drum. Then the drum is stored in the customer’s place, and then from that drum into the equipment. If intentionally everything is fine, there is still a chance of mixation.”

The nuisance of fuel adulteration has reached a point where it is very easy for suppliers to fool the consumers. Rajiv explains how his venture is helping bridge this big gap of consumer faith. 


Further into the conversation, Rajiv shares the importance of technology in his business and how it is being used to make the consumer experience better. 

As a host of the talk show Jaane Anjane, Rajiv shares the story behind this adventure. 

“As the name suggests, Jaane Anjaane, it’s like ‘jaane maane logo ki anjaani baatein’ – unknown things about known people.”

Another venture started during the lockdown, Rajiv’s talk show is a storytelling platform which has about 22-23 episodes. He further talks about the nitty gritties of setting up a talk show and what makes a story compelling. As a leading entrepreneur himself, Rajiv strongly believes that honesty and truthfulness are the keys to a successful career.


A seasoned professional with 30 years of work experience in Business Management & Operations, Technology Solutions, Brand Building, Security, and Emergency Response. After an experience of three decades as a professional, I have taken a plunge as a businessman. Driving this start-up The Fuel Delivery as the Managing Director; an on-demand fuel delivery service. Worked previously as CEO of V4 Security Services, and Prahar Equicom Pvt. Ltd. – An Orion Group Company. Also served at Samriddhi Automations Pvt. Ltd – Sparsh CCTV, Twenty Four Secure Group, worked with Steelage Industries (Minimax) after starting my career with Ceasefire, in the year 1991. Industry-recognized expertise and association with security organizations, including ASIS International and APSA. Former President of the International Institute of Safety and Security Management (IISSM) and continued association with various Indian public and private organizations, including CAPSI, FICCI, CII, and ASSOCHAM. Public speaker, communications expertise, and consultant specializing in security industry fields related to Business Risk Management, Emergency Response, Technology, and Security Operations Currently, as Regional Advisor – Asia at The Outstanding Security Performance Awards, established OSPAs in India. Recently, through the Corona times, have started my own YouTube channel called ‘Jaane-Anjaane’ – a light-hearted talk show, with the tall leaders from the industry and I talk about everything but their field of expertise.

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