Tom Fabbri, A Modern Day Adventurer

Tom Fabbri, A Modern Day Adventurer

Tom Fabbri is a modern-day adventurer, private pilot, health & wellness expert & and author. He is on an ambitious mission to climb the world’s Seven Summits. He talks about his belief in harnessing fear to achieve dreams.



It has often been said, “The secret to overcoming fear is to feel the fear and do it anyway.” And once you overcome and do it, you are bound to get your eureka moment and be proud of yourself. Challenging yourself and constantly trying to overcome fears in all spheres of life is a constant effort towards making life more meaningful.

In today’s episode of TBCY, we have with us, a modern-day adventurer who takes us through some of these life skills. Tom Fabbri, who dreamt of becoming an adventurer at the age of 28 is a classic example of “age is just a number and mindset.”  

About Tom Fabbri

Tom Fabbri is a modern-day adventurer, private pilot, health & wellness expert & and author.

He is on an ambitious mission to climb the world’s Seven Summits. He talks about his belief in harnessing fear to achieve dreams.

His book, “Ageless You” speaks volumes of his belief that age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Let’s listen to his inspiring journey from being homeless at 28 to achieving these great heights, both literally and professionally.  


Tom narrates his life journey that went haywire as he has been homeless, bankrupt, divorced, and in & out of jail. Going through tremendous negativity and hardships, aviation saved him from going deep into the endless circle.

He worked as a technician responsible for cleaning the jets before he got positively influenced by seeing the pilots and dared to dream. But he was 28?

Risky age to change careers, particularly, when you have no college education backing? Tom proves that with the right attitude and high aspirations nothing is unachievable. He spent his next 12 years and became a captain with DHL airlines along with all the top college graduates. He is in his 50s and is planning to climb Everest the next.  

Thoughts on Fear & Failure

Talking about the concept of fear and its impact, he believes it to be a motivator. He says, “It tells you that you are doing the right things and are on the right path.”

He advises the audience to take baby steps to overcome fear and get in the flow. Fear is constant, but the right approach helps in mitigating it.

Failure is a commonly dreaded feeling. For Tom, it doesn’t exist and ideally should be removed from the dictionary. For him, it is about taking lessons from those life experiences. 

Correct Fitness Regime

Being a health & wellness expert, Tom has quite some interesting food for thought. He wars against following the trendy fitness routines and instead asks to identify one’s needs. He says, “It is different for every different person.”

He stresses on the “asking question” be it to personal trainers to gauge the right one for you or the vegetable vendors & farmers for sourcing your food. He gives some interesting insight on supplements and nutrition.

More about Tom

Available on Amazon, his book “Ageless You Adventure: Live an Extra-Ordinary Life” deals with how to become ageless. He says, “When people ask me how old are you? I say I’m not. I want to live a long time, and what keeps me young is my purpose to pursue these dreams.”

He is currently working towards developing a global company for fitness products.


Tom Fabbri is a risk taking man who has the innate ability to set course, change course and survive insurmountable storms. He has not only dared to dream, but he’s mastered the art. Tom’s list of accomplishments are many, including author and lifestyle coach, inspirational speaker, top trainer, award-winning athlete, duel-rated corporate helicopter and private jet pilot, and culinary arts graduate, just to name a few.

Tom is a world-class adventurer in every sense of the word. He is currently on a journey to complete the Adventure Grand Slam which includes summiting the tallest peak on each of the seven continents and skiing to the North and South Poles. In one year, he summited four of these peaks in his pursuit to fulfill this dream. He summited his sixth mountain, Mt. Vinson Massif, Antarctica, on December 7, 2016.

Tom invites like-minded adventurers to join him on a quest to seek their best self by genuinely enjoying life, climbing their own personal mountains and achieving their dream goals. He shares his personal experiences in embracing obstacles and overcoming fears, how to prepare for a journey (whether it is climbing a mountain or making a lifestyle change), the importance of dreaming bigger dreams and how health is your greatest asset.

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