Transformation and growth through Coaching with Asra Abdulaziz, Founder Rise & Lead

“A good coach will challenge you”

On today’s episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us a professional from the financial field, Asra AbdulAziz. She is the Founder of Rise and Lead, a centre for executive coaching and mentoring. She previously worked for Credit Agricole CIB Paris. BNP Paribas and Natexis. In this articulate conversation with Ashutosh Garg, Asra talks about her journey from finance to the world of coaching. She talks about Rise and Lead, and her journey of coaching. They discuss the relevance and process of coaching. And the difference between coaching and mentoring. She believes that coaches help individuals transform their lives and adopt a growth process. Equity, compassion, integrity, authenticity and self belief are the core values that she works with. Asra highlights the important values that a CEO should possess and also talks about learning from her failures. Her journey is one of a kind! Tune in to The Brand Called You for many more success stories!

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