Brendan McKittrick, Chairman Aeroband, Chairman HBAN, Dubai

Brendan McKittrick, Chairman Aeroband, Chairman HBAN, Dubai

Brendan McKittrick, Chairman Aeroband, Chairman HBAN, Dubai

Proven success managing overall technology aspects within multiple industries including aviation, travel, health, security and perfume manufacturing.



Aeroband is a startup founded by Brendan Mc Kittrick and David Galea

It offers the world’s leading Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform for open-access decentralized applications. By bringing blockchain technology to aviation, it helps the aviation community stakeholders to collaborate in:

  • increasing revenues
  • reducing the cost of doing everyday business
  • transforming the customer experience.


Brendan Mc Kittrick is the Chairman of Aeroband. He is also the chairman of HBAN in Dubai, and a member of the Irish business network.

He started his life with some very big projects after college, then he moved to entrepreneurship and now after working with several big companies, he decided to settle his own business- Aeroband. He believes “When you follow your heart, everything falls into place.”

In today’s episode, we welcome Brendan Mc Kittrick, the co-founder of Aeroband to share his journey, his ideas and everything the company he founded is about!


Brendan tells his motivation behind starting Aeroband and says that he wanted to do something that would make a difference. And he did make a difference using the latest blockchain technology in aviation. 

The company designs the best app that facilitates many functions without the need of a middleman. The aim is to transform aviation using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. It is making things super easy for services related to airlines. 

He took the road less travelled but the road was definitely not smooth. Shifting from the role of  CTO/CIO of Accelya to starting something all by himself wasn’t easy. But he got people who trusted him and backed him financially. He admits that building the right team was one of the challenges he faced. He shares other challenges and tells how he overcame them.

At the beginning or trail phase, they targeted a few airports where they could implement the technology to see the experience. After experimentation, luckily, everything turned out well.

In this conversation, he also talks about his role in HBAN (halo business angel network) in Dubai, which he is so passionate about. Having interviewed many entrepreneurs and companies, Brendan shares some of the challenges these people face when starting a business. 

Tune in to watch the full episode wherein Brendan and our host Ashutosh Garg cover every  topic in detail and end  the conversation with a promise to meet for a coffee. . 


Brendan has always been a naturally inspiring leader in his professional and sporting life. He has worked in many roles in two dozen countries, in both large corporations and self-started entrepreneurial ventures. His last role was global CTO/CIO for one of the world’s largest supplier of airline products, Accelya. Accelya processes the settlement of airline tickets for over 100 countries valued at over $250 billion per annum pre-Covid19. The company provides the market with over 20 products servicing 350 airlines and 100 shipping companies.
Brendan left Accelya in 2019 to setup Aeroband Ltd. with his business partner, David Galea Sammut from Malta. Aeroband is creating smart solutions for the aviation industry leveraging key technologies such as Smart Contracts/Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to drive significant improvements over current processes. He is currently a member of the Irish Business Network [IBN] of Dubai committee, Chairman of Halo Business Angel Network [HBAN] of Dubai and an executive advisor to Enterprise Ireland in Dubai. The highlights of his career have been his time with the Royal Flight of Oman and the successful delivery of a leading enterprise system for the Criminal Assets Bureau in Ireland in 2001 which continues to run successfully after more than 20 years. Brendan lives serenely in Dubai with his wife Saniya, and their 5 children work and study between the UAE, UK, Germany and Ireland.

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