Varun Nanda, Co-Founder & President, Vapore Inc

Varun Nanda, Co-Founder & President, Vapore Inc

Varun Nanda is a dynamic leader with a proven track record of launching products and growing brands in healthcare.  



Varun Nanda bootstrapped his startup, Vapore Inc. with his partner in 2011 after a successful corporate career of many years working with huge biotechnological companies like Genentech and Dendreon. His transition from the corporate world to the world of business was an easy one because of his innate leadership sense and his desire to create. A successful startup entrepreneur, innovator, and a possibilitarian, Varun answers our questions on startups, entrepreneurship, and more. 

About Vapore Inc. 

A company that changed everything- Varun and his friend/colleague were looking for a change when they stumbled upon this opportunity of acquiring the brand Vapore. What started as a small venture in Varun’s garage is now a nationwide successful brand in the US. Varun tells us about his company Vapore and its humidification products that create steam inhalation possible with ease and safety. 

Benefits of Steam Inhalation 

Doctors all over the country are suggesting covid-19 patients take steam inhalation. Although not scientifically proven in this case, Vapore’s steam inhaler is making people’s lives easier by their effective and convenient steam inhalers that are easy to carry everywhere you go. Varun shares the benefits of steam inhalation for our audience, from benefits like clearing up sinuses and curing allergies, this product is a hit in the US and is now available for the Indian markets as well. 

Bootstrapping a Startup  

From working at global brands and having budget expenses of billions of dollars in his corporate career, to having no budget to start his own venture. Varun did the next best thing, he bootstrapped his company and started small in his own garage. 

“We wanted to be very careful even though we individually had resources. We could have launched the company in a way, put in a bunch of money, and try to do the best we can, kind of thing. Instead, we started the traditional entrepreneur way from my garage…….we chose to run the company on a purely financial basis as we make sales, we will invest back into the company, so we kept the company separate from any personal wealth.” 

In this day and age when startups are THE thing in the market, we get a lot of investors in the market who are ready to invest and grow our business. Tune in to this episode of The Brand Called You and learn how Varun did the business in the traditional way and achieved success at it. His mission is to impact and help as many people as possible with his company.


A dynamic leader with a proven track record of launching products and growing brands in healthcare. Consistently achieved stretch goals by leading change, managing complexity, and exceptional execution of a well-thought-through strategic plan. Over 30 years of global commercial experience with P&L responsibility including management of pipeline and in-line products, the launch of 5 products including the launch and lifecycle management of Avastin. Experience in several therapeutic areas and in both OTC and prescription products.

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