Vinod Sood, Co-Founder and MD, Hughes Systique Corporation

Vinod Sood, Co-Founder, and MD, Hughes Systique Corporation 

Vinod Sood is Co-Founder and Managing Director at Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC); an Engineering R&D Solutions & Services company.



Vinod Sood helped in the development of technology that became a precursor to the telecom revolution. After working at a corporate job for only four months, Vinod realized that his heart did not lie in the work he was doing and he took a leap and started working for C-DOT. He is now the Co-Founder and MD of Hughes Systique Corporation after having many years of successful professional career with Hughes Software Systems. He now leads the tech company, HSC. 

Why must one take Caution to have Passion? 

Vinod has had a successful career of 36 years and he has one piece of advice for the people starting their journeys, people who are just stepping into their corporate careers, or stepping into their entrepreneurial shoes, 

“Follow your passion, do what you would love doing. But having said that, it’s also not that you will discover your passion on day one, so as you are going through your career and career is not a 100-meter sprint, it’s a marathon, at every stage, at every step, try to figure out what you love doing, what is it that you will enjoy and then start preparing yourself right in terms of skills and in terms of competencies because it is also true that you must love doing something, but then you do not have the skills to do that. So, invest to develop those skills and competencies and then have the courage, take that risk to pick up what you are passionate about.”

Vinod’s journey at Hughes Software Systems

Vinod joined Hughes Software Systems in the early 90s when the technology was just booming. After a few years of working at HSS, he was asked to start up Hughes Systique Corporation which he now successfully leads. Vinod shares the major challenges he faced while starting up. He shares his journey of transitioning from the role of a global R&D Head to doing everything on his own and becoming a frontline manager. Shortage of the expense budget was a major challenge faced by HSQ while it was growing up.

Vinod is also the Chairman of NASSCOM Engineering R&D Council. He advises the new entrepreneurs to be passionate about what they are doing and not get overconfident about their capabilities. Tune in to this very interesting interview and learn how to follow your passion by the expert!


Mr. Vinod Sood is Co-Founder and Managing Director at Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC); an Engineering R&D Solutions & Services company. He is also on the Board of Hughes Communications India. Prior to his current role, he was Head of Global Engineering and R&D at Hughes Software Systems (HSS) and served on its Board as well. Before HSS, Vinod worked with C-DOT where he was part of the core team which designed India 1st Digital Switch. Vinod is a veteran of the hi-tech software industry, during his career span of 36 years he has built high-performance teams at premier R&D organizations in India. Vinod has an exceptional track record of building profitable and sustainable institutions from conceptualization to maturity.

Mr. Sood is a member of NASSCOM Engineering R&D Council and Chair of the Northern Regional Council. He is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Institute of Informatics and Communications, University of Delhi, Shoolini University Solan, KR Mangalam University, BML Munjal University, and Masters Union Business School Gurugram. Vinod is involved in guiding and mentoring young entrepreneurs and startups and is on the Advisory Boards of some of these startups. He is a TiE Charter member and is part of several CII, NASSCOM, and TiE juries to identify emerging startups and innovative product companies.

Mr. Vinod Sood is an alumnus of PEC Chandigarh from where he graduated with a Gold Medal.

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