Vivek Lodha, Director, JVS Foods Pvt Ltd

Vivek Lodha is an entrepreneur dedicated to building and boosting meaningful business ideas and turning them into success stories. His entrepreneurial ventures have been his stepping stones to learning and success.  



How far will passion take you? Being successful at a startup is a task harder than it looks. Today we bring you an entrepreneur and angel investor who shares his insights into startups and investing to help you with all your startup challenges.

Vivek Lodha is the Director of JVS Foods Pvt. Ltd. a company that helps NGOs all over the country fulfill their food requirements for women and children. Vivek shares how his venture helps people across India. He is now working with the Tata Trust and Gates Foundation to make the ingredient ‘Salt’ nutritious with 17 elements. Vivek is leading the innovation side of the R&D department. He explains the challenges JVS faces with the logistics of food. 

Also, an angel investor, Vivek shares that he has invested in 50+ companies in the last 5 years and explains what he looks for in a company before making an investment- Idea, Team, Economic Viability of the company, Market size of their product, and his exit strategy decides whether he will invest in the startup or not. 

Vivek is also a mentor to many entrepreneurs and shares how passion drives the founders but that is not the only requirement for a successful business. In the interview, Vivek shares an interesting take on success and failure. According to him, being able to give back to society is the only sign of success. “You have become what you are because of the people around you.”

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I am an entrepreneur dedicated to building and boosting meaningful business ideas and turning them into success stories. My Entrepreneurial Ventures have been my stepping stones to learning and success. With an eagerness to innovate, I am always on a quest to work on ventures that are not just innovative, but also helps this world to become a better place to live in. I have closely worked on a couple of such projects with TATA Trusts, Bill Gates Foundation, and the University of Toronto. Driven by the passion to see new ideas emerge, and the foresight to judge the sustainability of that idea has led me to invest in and mentor a lot of startups. It is this sustainability that is the most important and deciding factor for me to invest in a business. In the vast amazons of business possibilities, knowing what will click is what makes me stand out as the entrepreneur that I am.

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