In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in an insightful conversation with an esteemed IRS officer, V. K Garg, Advisor on Financial Resources to the CM of Punjab. V. K Garg is an alumnus of IIM-A and a published author.

V.K Garg shares the three key milestones in his life. He tells why he chose to serve the government and people instead of seeking fortune in the corporate sector.

Garg shares his ideas for improving tax collection in India. The IRS officer who has brought about some notable reforms discusses the role of politicians in enforcement. He clarifies the efforts that go into building a union budget.

Later in the episode, he shares the stories of his path-breaking reforms in customs. He shares his experiences working as the advisor to the CM of Punjab. Before concluding, he shares his learning from his biggest mistake in life. He tells where he draws inspiration from.

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